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    We are in our late 20s and firsttimers to CN. We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and are VERY excited to get there! Hoping to meet some other couples our age. Any others visiting at the same time?

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    Our plane leaves in 36 hrs We will see you there.

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    Well - we are not in our 20's (42 and 43) but we will be at CN for our 4th trip July 11-18 also. We fly out of Chicago at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday!!! Soon Come! See you there!!

    Cindy and Shaun

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    Practically on our way.


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    We are right behind you. Arrive on the 14th leave on 19th. Sorry, we passed the 20's a few years ago. We are 41 and 44, but act much younger

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    Irie. Sometimes I act like a 3 year old if I don't get my way. What? No palapa? WWWHHAAA Be there tomorrow (Sunday evening!)


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