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    Default July Scuba Divers?

    We will be at CN July 8-18. We will be diving pretty much every day, are there any other divers out there who will be at CN the same time we are?

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    Bumping this back up.....

    Any July divers out there? We will be at CN July 8-18.

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    CMCindyA - want to keep this up near the top for you! We will be at CN from July 11-18 but unfortunately do not scuba dive. We haven't even been snorkling yet!! And this is our 4th trip to CN!! I can swim but get a little weird when my feet can't touch the bottom! Hopefully someone else going in July will be diving along with you. We'll have to meet up for a drink or 3 while we're there.

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    We will be at CN July 7 - 14 and hope to dive everyday as well. My husband has been certified for years but I was certified a year ago and don't have too many dives under my belt, but hope to change that.

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    Cindy, Thank you!!! Would love to meet for that/those drinks!!!

    gottaluvtink, That's great, can't wait to meet you guys!!! Have you been to CN before? It's a GREAT place to get a bunch of dives under your belt, the dive masters are AMAZING, you will love them all and will be in great hands!!!!!

    Our names are Allen and Cindy. We arrive on Thursday the 8th and will be ready to dive first thing Friday morning. See you on the boat!!!!!

    If you have any questions before the trip just ask.

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    Cindy~ we have never been to CN before. Looking forward to meeting you. We should see you on the boat Friday morning. Our names are Nicole and Donavan.
    Is the water warm enough to dive with just a swimsuit?

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    Gottaluvtink... Nicole and Donavan, Sorry I havent checked the board in a while.... The water is warm enough for just a swimsuit, however you might need/want to wear a t-shirt so you dont get rubbed raw by the BCD straps after a week or so of 2 a day dives.... We go ahead and wear a dive skin on most dives, not for the warmth, but as a rash guard and some protection against jelly fish, sea urchins, ect. We have seen very few jelly fish but there are some. The first year we brought 3mm suits, they were definately TOO thick, a dive skin is fine. My e-mail address is CMCindyA at aol dot com Feel free to ask any questions you have.

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    Add another to the list. Name is Owen will be in July 7 -13. Anyone bringing there own gear?

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    Hi Owen, We arrive on the 8th and will be ready to dive on Friday the 9th, we'll see you then.

    We do bring our own masks, fins, dive skin, mouthpiece, ect, but it is not required. Couples has EVERYTHING you really need. If you use a dive skin you may want to bring that, they do have a few wet suites but they are really limited.... For the "big" equipment we use what they have at Couples and have never had a single problem. ALL the equipment is well kept and in excellent condition. I have seen a few people who have lugged all their own gear but I honestly don't understand why.

    If you have other questions I will he happy to try to help, you can contact me at.....
    CMCindyA at aol dot com

    Does your wife dive?

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    Thanks Cindy.. I generally will bring reg, bc, fins and mask. I hope to be out on the 8th to test the waters. Gonna be a scuba toys tomorrow to pick up a skin suit to keep the sun off of me. My wife does not dive, but hage sugessted that she take the resort course. But if not she may just snorkel while I dive.

    Its getting close I am ready to go.


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    The resort course at CN is fantastic!! I predict that if she takes the course she will be hooked!!!! Just try to get her to take the resort course as soon as possible after you arrive (on Thursday or Friday, I don't think they offer the class on the weekend) so she has time to complete the course and spend the rest of the week diving with us!!! That's what we did in 2007. In 2008 we went back and got our "Advanced Open Water" certification from the same dive master his real name is Karl Stewart but everyone at the resort calls him "Sugar".

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    We are going to be at CN July 14-23. We plan on taking the resort course. Neither of us have ever tried scuba diving and are excited to add this to our list of another adventure tried and survived. This is our first trip to Jamaica and we are very excited! See you soon.
    Stacy and Jim

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    Stacy and Jim, You are in for a GREAT vacation, you KNOW will LOVE CN!!!

    I hope you will also love scuba. As I suggested above you should try to schedule your resort course as soon as possible after you arrive.... IF you love it (and I'm sure you will), you can continue from that course and get your full "Open Water" certification in just a couple of 1/2 day classes... After that, ALL your other dives are included, this trip AND every time you come back to Couples!!! But that's not all, this is a FULL PADI "OW" certification that allows you to dive anywhere in the world.....

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    Stacy and Jim, I guess I was typing faster than I was thinking.... That should have said....

    You are in for a GREAT vacation, I KNOW you will LOVE CN!!!

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    Tell the crew we said hello - just left last week for the 16th time! Suga, English, Shrek & Brian are fabulous people! Enjoy the beautiful waters and sights of Jamaica!

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    What about Craig and Alain? Are they still there?

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    Yes, are Craig and Alain still there?????? I sure hope so! Cindy, I posted a reply to another tread you have on the MB. I hope you are having an awesome time. Tell the guys Hi for us, Kait and Glenn please

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