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    Default Room booking at CSA? Availability?

    Hi folks-

    I have been pricing trips to CSA at various online places and on all of them (including the only rooms that I could book if I moved forward are Garden Suites and Atrium Suites. What I really want is a Garden Verandah or Beachfront Verandah but they are lot listed... not listed as sold out or unavailabe... just not on the list at all, like they don't exist.
    Does this mean that every room with a TV in it is full for the dates I am looking at, or does it mean that only certain types of rooms can be booked online?

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    Look to the right just next to the room listings on the couples website - there is a small icon to scroll down the page where the other rooms are listed. It's easy to miss. . .


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    It probably means they are all booked. How far in advance are you booking? People do tend to book pretty far out, so if you are looking for something soon, you may find yourself limited. I know when we were there last week we tried to change our room mid-stay and there was NOTHING available. They were booked solid.

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    It means they are booked. You should go for the Atrium Suite. There are TV's everywhere, so you can easily check out stuff all around the resort. You could try to call the Couples 800# and see if they can tell you what to do. You may need to change your dates, or keep checking for an opening. Good luck. By the way.....CSA ROCKS!

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    it means that they are sold out for the time you are booking.

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    Depends on time frame, who's contracted by Couples to sell, and such. Have you tried contacting a reliable TA?

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    The online sites get a block of certain rooms. When they are sold, they are gone. Most likely, if you book through Couples you may still be able to get that room type. It may just mean that the online travel places have already booked all their blocks of a certain room. Just try and book on this site and see if they have the room available on this site. If not able to get them through Couples directly, then yes they are booked.

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