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    I have read some threads about jelly fish stings during snorkeling and swim associated with catamaran cruise at CSA. Is this a big problem? Also, do all the Verandah's face the ocean? Hopefully, Delta will leave flight schedule alone for a day. I have to watch it daily. 57 days till paradise. I already booked for June 2011!

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    I was always terrified of jellyfish until I got stung by one at CTI. Honestly, it wasn't that big of a deal. It was a little pinch, and then an itchy spot. When we got back, the watersports guys poured something (vinegar??) on it, and it completely took away the redness and itchiness.

    And yes, all the verandahs face the ocean, however, depending on what category you booked, you may have stuff (buildings, trees, foliage) in the way of your view.

    Have a great time! We'll be there for trip #4 in 27 days.

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    Wipe your preconcieved visions of jellyfish from your mind... the large, gelatinous mass of tentacles is not the norm. Rather, the jellyfish you encounter are more likely to be smaller than a fingernail... in fact, if you're not looking for them, you'll probably not even know they are there until you get an itch or a slight burning, stinging sensation.

    This might progress to an mild rash, which disappears in a few minutes. The worst I encountered was snorkeling into a bloom of them once. Not a one of the little critters was more than a quarter-inch in size.

    Relax and enjoy the views!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We did see one at CSA years ago when we were using one of the water tricycle things. It was about the size of my head but it wasn't in the swimming area. I was trying to look at it since I wasn't in any danger but it was scared and got out of there pretty quickly. We also saw a few rays of some sort over there but they weren't very big. I wouldn't sorry about it too much. We swam a lot and never had any issues. The water is crystal clear so you know what you are getting into.

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    In the interest of having posts that set expectations that can be exceeded, note that jelly fish stings can happen and they're not always minor.

    Though nasty stings can be rare (I think in 30+ snorkeling/catamaran swims at Couples, one or both of us has been stung 3 times, and only once was it painful and long-lasting) you should be prepared if you are concerned.

    It certainly shouldn't stop you from participating in any of the above, but if you are overly concerned there are a few things you can do to lessen the chance of a sting and the impact once stung. Vinegar poured on the sting as soon as possible will help - we bring a small bottle of it in on the boat case the guys on the boat don't have any. The nurse's station also will apply a cream with cortisone in it. We bring our own small tube of that, but are careful not to rub the sting much (which can apparently force the barbs further into your skin).

    You can also wear a t-shirt or even better, but more $$, wear a "rash guard". The former watersports manager at CN told us applying liberal amounts of a slimy sunscreen can also lessen the impact, though she also noted that was environmentally unfriendly and frowned upon.

    Whether you will encounter any that can sting you is sort of luck-of-the-draw. Ask the watersports guys if they've seen any that day and they usually can tell you.

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    I need some clarification on how often jellyfish stings occur, we really wanted to do the Cat Cruise/snorkeling, but, the idea of going into caves(not knowing what's in there) and now hearing about the jellyfish has my wife thinking about just staying on the boat, I already scuba dive without her but I don't want to leave her on the boat alone. What precautions are taken so that I can ease her fears about swimming in the caves/snorkeling and get her to jump in the ocean with me? And be honest, if I convince her to jump in and something happens I WILL PAY !!

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    I haven't read the thread in question, but I was at CSA this week and went snorkeling. While out at the reef called "Bahamas", two women on my boat were stung by jelly fish. My husband said he saw them and they were small, maybe a few inches in diameter, and he waved them away. I spoke to one of the women who was stung a few days later and she said the stung was gone about 10 hours after it happened and she was fine. I didn't see any jellyfish but came within a few feet of a barracuda!

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    I may be partially to blame for some of this as I mentioned the "jellyfish convention" during my recent review. I got stung as well but didn't even mention it because most of them aren't your garden type jellyfish with the big head and the large tentacles that you commonly think about. While one girl did get stung by a larger one, most of them were very tiny by comparison. Hard to see too....kind of like a large contact lense. I got it in the shoulder, it stung, then itched for about 10 minutes but I never even got back into the boat.

    I think they are relatively rare. Didn't encounter any on the 1st snorkel trip or the cat cruise. I doubt very seriously they'd be anywhere near the caves. The current is quite strong right at the entrance to the caves but once you enter, the bottom is beautiful. Clear white as snow sand and some really smooth rocks. I swam down to the bottom and got one of the wasn't coral and the guys on the boat said I could have it. I was going to take it back if they told me too. The cat cruise was a blast. If nothing else, you wife can go off the slide. That was really fun.

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    BB coach, if you are really that concerned buy your wife a full body skin/rashguard - they are inexpensive - and have her never go in the water with out it.

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    Here is a good idea, and it happened to me the last time I went to CSA...... everybody go snorkling, and if you run into a lot of the jellyfish, then go back to the boat!!! It all depends on the water, temp, current, etc if there are any there. Ya can't predict where/when something is going to be when it comes to water (oterwise we would all catch our limits on fist all of the time). They are litterly the size of a half dollar, and if there is a big school of them, then go sit on the boat and let the rest of the people snorkle.

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    Been to CN three times and never seen jelly fish until last year. While pushing my wife on a float in water about chest deep I had one a little bigger than a soft ball sting me in the privates. Everyone on the beach heard me as I came out of the water. The dive shop guy gave me some vinigar to wash with. It will help with itching later but you just have to get over the sting. I thought my vacation was ruined but I was back in business that afternoon. Normally don't see them but they are not that bad.

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    Good idea about the full body guard, any idea how much it costs to rent? Agree that you can't predict where ALL the sea creatures are located but if you're out on the water daily you should have a good idea on what lives/swims in the vicinity.

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    This more to inform not scare. I encourage everyone to try snorkeling and if you feel a mild burning sensation move away, if you feel many go back to the boat.

    In January 2010, we encountered jellyfish. There had been storms before we arrived that "herded" the jellyfish toward warmer waters. One snorkeling trip they were felt but not seen and second trip I could see a bloom of jellyfish,got some stings and got when they were becoming more frequent. This was our third trip and the first time we encountered them. A couple stings during the week by strays but very bearable. We love the ocean and have been stung many times and it is more annoying than anything. Only one bad sting in the years along the Virginia and Jersey shores that last a couple of hours but again, bearable.

    Now, we went on our first dive and held the dive rope on the way down as instructed. What the thought was in hindsight,is that we dislodged jellyfish parts on the rope that were clinging there after the storms. My husband and I had horrible stings on our arms. Our friend let go of the rope because it felt slimy to him. It was truly agony BUT many things probably made it worse, including no vinegar on the boat or water sports shack and the diver master told us to quickly go in the hot tub as it would feel better.

    After much research when we got home the hot fresh water was the worse thing we could have done! Not having vinegar was bad too. One of the grill cooks told me to put overproof rum on the stings but this was the next day and the agony was reduced to burning. He was right though, if there is no vinegar or alcohol overproof rum is a good option. We were crampy, dizzy and in much pain. We ingested much rum but that didn't work either : ) After reading much about stings, I am sure that the hot water was causing the cells to pump the venom into the skin on our arms.

    I will go diving again as even though I was feeling pain during the dive it was great. I will probably wear a long sleeve shirt but this is just because it will make me feel better. To me it was a fluke. We even snorkeled after this...a couple days later...and it was fine. Word of warning...if the rope feels slimy let go! We were trying to be good and follow directions (a first for me, lol).

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    I got stung while snorkeling. It wasn't bad though; mostly just a momentary "ouch!" When we went diving, I never saw one jelly.

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    I have a long sleeve rash guard purchased from Land's end and a dive skin (about $50) from; both were purchased primarily for sun protection, but they also protect you from Jelly fish. Snokeling IMHO is an experience not to be missed. Heck nothing should be missed for fear, I have a fear of heights, but I still managed to become a rapel master for girl scouts. Can't wait to meet you all next week!

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    We were in CN Oct 09, both my hubby and I got stung but it was seriously no big deal. I know there can be "worst case scenario cases" but you are swimming in their territory. Hubby got stung pretty bad on his stomach, poured some rum on it and he was good to go. I got a little sting in the caves from the cat cruise. It never ever whelped. Enjoy your time in Jamaica and do not over worry yourself about jelly fish they were the leats of my concerns. (Finding an ice cold pina coloada was more important)

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    How about the Ocho Rios side of the Island? I personally am terrified of jellyfish but will be at CSS.
    Sean & Bekah Walsh

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    We were at CSA November 09 and there were a lot of jellyfish. This was our 7th trip and 1st time we had ever encountered so many jellyfish, honestly I had never really seen any on the other trips. They were even washed up on the beach. Saw several people with some really nasty stings too.

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    Last week we did the cat cruise I swam into the caves with no issue or problem as well as many others, snorkeling as well no stings. I have been stung and it is not that big of a deal it isn't as painful as portrayed and vinegar takes the sting away.
    Erika & Sean

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    FWIW, I recently returned from a trip to both Ochi & Negril and spent a decent amount of time in both waters there. Never saw so much as a single jellyfish. Enjoy.

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    The tiny little Jelly fish that you are talking about are called sea lice, they are apparently baby jelly fish.

    We never had a problem with jelly fish at CSA.

    If you are worried you can buy Safe Sea (Google it), it is a lotion (some has SPF). You put it on and it prevent the barbs from attaching to your skin which in turn prevents you from getting stung. It is environmentally friendly. Some people swear by the stuff, and if it will out your mind at ease it would be worth it to buy.

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    We just got back from CSA and did see some smallish jellyfish while snorkeling. They were maybe 4-5 inches wide. Nobody got stung any of the times I went out though.

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    Hey Buzz! What week are you going in June of 2011? My wife will be there the 18th - 25th celebrating our 10th anniversary. I wish I could say I'd be there in 57 days too, but I'll have to wait till next year. Also, what resort are you staying in on your trips? We are still deciding but we are leaning towards CSS.

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    I only saw three during our whole week at CN in September. One snorkelling, which was a big one. I wanred others in the area. I think I saw one diving. And only one by shore which was dead.

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    Don't worry about the Jellyfish.

    I(Will) have been sailing and snorkeling for most of my life. I have been stung by jellys more times than I can count. It's usually not that bad and the jellys at CN are nothing like the ones I'm used to up here. They are very tiny and you most likely won't even see them unless you are really looking for them. We went snorkeling twice, did the catamaran and a private cruise and neither of us ever got stung.

    If you do get stung it is usually a mild burn and can be easily taken care of with ammonia(pee in a pinch) or vinegar.

    Like I said, I've been stung more times than I can count(and by some big jellyfish) and it is really nothing to worry about.

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