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    Default First time in CN! Just booked a dlx beachfront room!

    Hello everybody! We just booked for our honeymoon a week in CN!!
    We're so excited! We'll be there from 28/08 to 03/09 !
    We chose the deluxe beachfront room-is it nice??? I don't know a lot about the buildings, it's closer to the beach,isn't it? It has a view to the ocean?

    Thank you in advance!!!


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    All the deluxe rooms are very nice. The difference between Garden, Ocean and Beachfront are location. The Deluze Beachfront rooms are closer to the beach

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    Hi there.
    We always book Deluxe Beachfront. And you will be able to see the ocean from your room. It's great!

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    But please be aware that the rooms do not look directly on the beach. You have to step out of your room and look to the right.

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    I don't mind to walk a few meters as soon as we will be almost ON the beach! youxou!!!( this in greek it would sound like yeaaa! )

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