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    Default Finally booked our week at CSA!

    The hubs and I finally booked our much belated honeymoon! We'll be staying at CSA Nov. 6-13th! YIPEE!!! In the two years we've been together (married for 4 months) we've spent a total of about 45 days in eachother's presence (he's in the Army), so you can pretty much imagine how excited I am to have him all to myself for a whole week in paradise!!!

    The message boards have been so helpful in helping us decide what resort to go to. We were torn between CSA and CSS, but in the end we decided on CSA because we liked the idea of roaming down 7 Mile Beach. We're staying in the Atrium Suite and I'm so excited to spend some time in that looks so wonderful!

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    We'll just miss you..we'll be there Nov 14-21st. Hope you guys have a great vacation and I am sure you will be able to enjoy being with eachother for a whole week in paradise. We were at CTI last Nov for our honeymoon and we can't wait to return for our anniversary. We also went back and forth between CSS and CSA for our return trip. We loved CTI, but wanted to try out something different.

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    Wow...i could almost ditto this whole post...minus the army thing. My husband and I have been married 4 months as well and we just booked for November 5th through 12th. We got married in Vegas and had a few days there, but not a real honeymoon. We went back and forth between CSA and CSS and decided on CSA for the same reason. Also booked in an Atrium suite and looking foward to that hammock! I just wish we didnt have to wait so long!!!!

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    I'm hoping that someday we can check out the other resorts, but for this trip, I can't wait for CSA! I've even started dreaming about it already. LOL
    @Wen774 I know what you mean by it being so far away. I've already started the countdown which is probably going to drive my husband crazy!

    @Lindsi84...I'm almost jealous that you're going the week later. When we're leaving, you'll be arriving. ahhhh... lol

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    I feel your pain! I have bene married to a Marine for 8 years and this sort of life is hard when they are gone all the time. That is why we go to Couples every year... it is our way of "reconnecting". We love it. CSA if our favorite and I think you will love it.

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    You guys are going to love CSA. The beach is so beautiful that words cannot describe the awesomeness of it. The time waiting will fly by. You picked the right resort. CSA ROCKS!

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