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    Default Newby May 23rd-30th

    Hello All, this will by my first trip to CN and can not wait! I have heard nothing but good things about CN. My husband an I will be celebrating our honeymoon and heard this is the place to be. I have a couple of questions for the CN veterans:

    What is the nite life like?
    Are there ever any competative volleyball players at the resort, staff or guests.
    What are some "must sees" while visitine Negril?
    What are some "must haves" when packing for the trip?

    Thank you for any help!!!

    Looking forward to May at CN!!!!

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. My daughter and new husband went to Couples SweptAway for their honeymoon last October and said it was perfect.

    If your looking for fun at night, be sure and visit the Piano Bar. They usually get started between 9:30 & 10:00 pm and stay open until you leave. The entertainment staff will show up and dance with you...lots of fun.

    Not sure on the volleyball...we tried to play once, but to many Pina Coladas interferred with our game.

    Be sure and take the Sunset Catamaran cruise.

    Sunscreen, water proof disposable camera, and several swimsuits. The air is humid and even if you wash them out and hang to dry, it takes awhile.

    Irie ,
    (Ladydia) Dianna

    CTI 2006, CSA 2007, CN 2008, CN 2009, CN 2010 twice
    CN 2012, CSS 2012, CN 2013, CSS 2014, CSA 2015

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    Default Hi There

    We will be returning for our 3rd trip 22-29th of May and can't wait.

    As answers to your questions:

    1) The night life is ok. There are places to stay up and dance or party, such as the piano bar, but it is more laid back. It definetly is not like a club scene, and it is actually pretty quiet around the resort after midnight.

    2) There is a lot of competitive volleyball, especially some of the pick-up games. The staff also organizes semi-competitive games.

    3) We have gone into Negril once, the shopping trip is mostly tourist traps. We did not go to Margaritaville or any of the other bars, as there is more than enough to do at the resort (and drink just as well for free!).

    4) Things to pack/take:

    Sunscreen, the sun is really intense. Also lots of bathing suits, sometimes they take time to dry.
    Take books to read on the beach.
    Underwater camera.
    Pack light, most clothes won't get used. We spend all day in bathing suits.

    Most anything else needed can be purchased or borrowed for a reasonable price at the resort.

    Enjoy your trip...

    D & A

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