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    Default dinner reservations...hard to get??

    We're staying at CSA for just 3 nights on a Fri, Sat, Sun...I just saw that two of the restaurants are closed for dinner on Friday. I really want to go to Lemongrass either saturday or sunday....will it be hard to get reservations only a day or two in advance??

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    You should not have a problem getting into Lemongrass on short notice. After you check-in, go directly to the concierge desk, which is across the hallway from check-in. You can book your reservation then. You may not be able to get the exact time you want, but they should be able to fit you in.

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    No problem whatsoever. You might not get the exact time you want but you should be close. We just got back and had no diffculty whatsoever. They let you book 4 days in advance so just book as soon as you check in.

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