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    Default CSA Resort Map w/ building numbers

    I know I've seen a very detailed map on this board in the past but I can't seem to find it now. Can anyone point me to it? We're going to be in a BFVS July 3rd - 9th and I would like to request one of the buildings further from the Great House. I've heard several people say it can get a bit noisy in that area. Of course, I'll be in paradise so I'll be happy either way.

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    I have it in .pdf format. If you provide an email address, I'd be glad to forward it to you.
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    Would you also send one to me:

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    I would love one as well:

    Thank you!!!

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    Default I am interested in the map for CSA

    If you have the map please send it to me also at email

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    The only BFVS building near the Greathouse that could be noisy is Bldg 45 - and that's because of the Swim Up Pool Bar .

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    WandA - thank you for the link! I was looking at my packet from last year (I save everything!) and was trying to remember which building we were in.

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    and Haha! I opened up my packet and lo and behold here is our map and little brochure about CSA. Can't wait to get back!

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    We reserved an Ocean Verandah Suite. Does anybody have a recommendation on which ones are best in case we get an option? I've heard that higher up rooms have a better view and people walk by the ground floor rooms alot. Since we are not early risers, that could be problem for us. The quieter the better. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    We stayed in building 45 and it never seemed noisy. The swim up bar shuts down at 6PM, and we were never in the room much on the afternoons... or at least we didn't care about the noise from the swim up bar when we were...

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    Actually we like the building closer to the greathouse. You're closer to the pool and cabana grill which is nice and it's less of a walk to your room unless going to palms. Never noticed a noise issue but we were on the inside room on the first floor. The upper floors might have more noise.

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    Does someone know what the classification of rooms are called that are along the longer building that runs behind the Palms? These are the rooms to the right when you are walking on the path towards the Palms? Room numbers are 3 digits. Thanks!

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    I'm guessing that those 3-digit room numbers are quarters for early morning staff to overnight in.

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    I know this is an old thread...but was wondering if anyone has a recent map of the buildings and room#s at CSA...I was just there and forgot to bring it home with me! If so, please post...I want to check something out.

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