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    Default Amanda & Michael 12/7/10

    Michael & I will arrive in Jamaica December 5th. And we will be husband & wife on December 7th. Yippee!

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    Hello Amanda!

    Let me know more about your plans for the wedding.
    Do have have a photo of your dress?
    How many guests?
    What is planned for the day.
    Will marry at the beach?
    I really would like to join your wedding, but at that time I will get ready for my own
    What music did you choose?

    Waiting for details
    Give everyday the chance, to get the best day in your life

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    My future mother in law has a catering business, I do all her event planning. So we don't want to have a lot of planning. Plus it will be just the two of us going. I can't post any pics of my dress b/c he also looks at the thread. If you can I would luv to a picture of yours. So far we think we are going to marry in the graden area and just take pictures on the beach. What about you? Not sure on the music yet. And you? Are you hiring an outside photographer? We are using Diana Campbell. And I really want to do a trash the dress photo! Well I know that day will be so wonderful no matter what! We need to meet sometime while we are there.

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    We also will be alone at the wedding, that was the reason we decided to marry in Jamaica.
    I can understand, that you canīt post the pics of your dress.
    Because I decided to buy my dress in China, I ordered two dresses: One of them will be ok.
    The first already reached Germany. Here are the pics from the seller:

    Donīt know yet which one to take. Maybe I take both of them. Because I want -like you- to trash the dress, I can wear the other one for the evening.

    Hope the photographer will work, because we also booked Diane Campbell...

    What are you planning to do the rest of the day?

    We are not sure where to marry yet, will decide as soon as we are there.

    When will you arrive? We have to meet before!
    Do you have any pics of you??
    Give everyday the chance, to get the best day in your life

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    Okay, here's a copy of the website of my dress. He promised not to look.

    Don't know what we will do that day, probably want decide till we get there.
    I tried to attach a picture of us don't know if it worked.
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    Never mind I see it did.

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    Thanks so much!
    Now I now how you look like

    This is a lovely dress, I like it very much!

    Looking forward to meet you in december
    Give everyday the chance, to get the best day in your life

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    Please send a pic of the two of you, so that we will know what you look like also.

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    Here is a photo of Michael and me.
    I just donīt wear glasses any more.

    Looking forward to see you soon!!
    Time is running fast
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    Give everyday the chance, to get the best day in your life

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    Hi Ladies!! Kelly and I will be arriving Dec. 1st through the 8th, and getting married on the 3rd. We are coming alone also, I'm kind of sad watching videos of couples walking down the isle after the ceremony and no one is there to congratulate although i'd rather not spend my honeymoon with the new inlaws! lol I'm am hiring Diana Campbell too, she's going to be abusy lady that week!! I'm trying to pick songs still, don't know if i want to go with jamaican music or what?. How do I attach a photo??? I need to upload it, it doens't have a URL

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    My husband and I will be at couples, (SR), so we don't know where yet, but we would love to congratulate you!

    Jason and Cassy

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    moelouhill, oh my gosh, I am from St. Cloud also..actually in Becker now, but I grew up in St. Cloud. What a small world! what dates are your trip?

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    2 months till the BIG day!

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    KellyandAMBER, Really what a small world, we are going Dec 4-9th. We still don't know where we are going yet, since its the secret r.... Where are you all getting married? Is that why CSS is booked?

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    12 days till we arrive...14 days till we get married!

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    Default Getting married on 12/7/10 also!

    I've been finding out some great information on the message boards and finally decided to create an account! We will be arriving in Jamaica on December 4th and are staying til the 11th. We are sooooo excited! Our wedding is at 4:00. I haven't made too many plans for our trip, but am anticipating our meeting with the wedding planner to get things figured out!!! Can't wait to meet other fun couples while we are there! We will have 10 in our group-including us. My parents, my brother & his wife, my sister & her boyfriend, and another couple that are friends will be there with us. We are a pretty fun group and like to have a good time!! Won't be long and we'll all be sipping a cold drink and laying in the sun!!

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