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    Default Dinner on the beach question

    I posted this thread on the meet-up at couples board but didn't get any replies. Maybe the one of us "wedding girls" will know the answer to my question! We are getting married at CN on June 23. I have been thinking about having "dinner on the beach" possibly that evening after we get married. Has anyone who's done this found it "buggy" in the evenings? I've heard about the sand bugs, etc that come out when it gets dark. Do they do something to keep the bugs away?

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    I had a dinner on the beach at CSA in Feb. 07. I didn't find it buggy at all! There are tiki torches all over but I don't think that really keeps them away.
    When we were at CSA last December I got a bite at night when we were relaxing on the beach. I would just use a little bug spray on your legs...that's where they usually attack after dark.

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    Hi I don't know about CN, we did the dinner on the beach at CTI and it was wonderful well worth the bugs!

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    I was at CSA in May/June 2009 and definitely found it to be buggy at night near the beach and plant life. However, we had brought some of that fruity scented bug spray with us, and it worked just fine. I would suggest bringing some of that and i'm sure your dinner on the beach will be perfectly lovely.

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    My husband and I did dinner on the beach at CN during our honeymoon last November. We didn't notice any bugs at all. As someone mentioned previously the tiki torches were out and our dinner took place inside of the massage tent on the beach. It was amazing!!

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    My husband and I did it at CSA when we were married and it was a little buggy but not bad. Just bring some spray/wipes and you'll be fine. Congrats!!!

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