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    Default Mountain view from CN?

    Visited the Runaway Bay area a few years back and loved the mountain views. Will I be able to see the mountains from CN?

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    You can definitely see the mountains. That's part of Negril's charm....look one way and you see the beautiful water and turn the other way and you are looking at the mountains. I used to try to catch the sun coming up over the mountains for a beautiful picture. It's amazing.

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    Oxbgirl, were you ever able to get any shots of the sun coming over the mountains? I would love to see them.


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    You can't see the blue mountains from Negril like you can from Runwawy Bay or especially Ocho Rios. What you see in Negril is really just hills compared to the Blue Mountains. That's one reason why I like Ocho Rios so much better than Negril. That and the private beaches.
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