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    Default Steps at CSS -- age of guests?

    My wife and I are seniors and she has some difficulty with a large number of steps or steep climbs. We would like to know if there are a lot of steps/climbs to get to/from the beach at CSS? Also, are there many steps throughout the property?

    My wife and I have been to CN and loved it. We are now thinking of going to CSS and would like to know the age of guests in July?

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    If you stay in a One Bedroom Beachfront Suite (all rooms in building blocks “A” and “B”) you will be right at beach level. There are no stairs from here to the beach, ocean, Sunset Beach (nude area), main pool and swim-up bar, beach bar beach grill (Bella Vista Restaurant in the evenings), water sports area, the Palazzina restaurant (breakfast and lunch buffets and gourmet restaurant in the evenings) and the running/walking/bicycle track and the Starlight Gala. There are 102 steps from this level to the lobby (highest level), but they are spread out over several stairways. If you want a ride from anywhere on the resort to anywhere else, you can just call the bell captain and they will come and get you. Within 5-10 minutes. I have asthma and emphysema and with a couple of short rest stops on the way up, I did just fine doing the 102 steps. We also used the resort van to get up the hill several times. The stairways are very well lit at night. Here is an example:

    You will find people of all age groups at CSS, just like CN.

    We love CN and fell in love with CSS also. Didn't care much for CTI and CSA.
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    There sre LOTS of steps - over 100 or windey roadways to get from beach level to evening entertainment or lobby for example.
    You even have to go up and down for different beach-level areas. I certainly would not even consider pushing a wheelchair or carrying a suitacase up and down ( but then again you would not have to.)
    I guess only you can decide if you are up for it, not forgetting you can rest and/ or get a buggy ride as necessary and it does help with the lavish consumption

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    My husband has emphysema, and is very close to being on oxygen. We have stayed at Sans Souci the last two years and loved it. We were in building D, the first building up from the beach. He would have to take the steps slow, and sometimes he would stop part way up to get his breath, but he did fine. I always figured we could ask for the shuttle up if we needed to, but he always insisted in walking it. This year we are staying in a Beach Front room because that is where we are the most, the beach. But, if you want to try CSS, do so, don't let the stairs stop you. There are ways around them.

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    If anyone has a problem with the stairs in the cliffs, they have a van that will take you anywhere you want to go

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    I wholeheartedly agree with Linda. Don't let the stairs stop you from trying CSS. The resort is fabulous and there is always the van that will come pick you up.
    Juliann & Jeff
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