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    Default Refrigerator for Medication?

    Hi All, Hubby and I are looking at doing a CTI/CSA 2 week split,
    for our 25 Wedding Anniversary. I know that the Atrium and Deluxe Ocean rooms do not have a refrigerator, but am wondering if one would be brought in to store medication that is temperature sensitive. Also I was wondering if a sharps disposal is available at the resorts,(so I don't have to take them back and deal with customs). And if anyone has had any issues at customs with bringing pre-filled subcutaneous injection medications and ice packs, could you comment on this. We will probably be flying Air Canada.

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    There is a nurse's office at each resort, you can dispose of sharps there. We went to take my husband's insulin to the nurse's office when we stayed at CSA to store ( we stayed in the atrium rooms). The nurse arranged for a mini refrigerator to be brought to our room. She has some in her office, just for this situation ( they promptly brought it to our room). We did not bring pre -filled syringes while flying, so I can not comment . I am sure CTI will also accomadate you like CSA .

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    Randymon posted that they will supply a frig in any room for medical purposes. It will not be stocked with drinks unless they is included in that room class.
    Irie Mon

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    I just flew a couple weekends ago with pre-filled subcutaneous injections and didn't have any problems. I did cut the label off the box and put it in with the meds. I also put the meds in a 1 quart Ziploc bag and used it as my 'liquid' bag for security. Mine doesn't need ice packs, so I'm not sure there.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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