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    So my husband and myself have been to CTI twice and will be in CSS in June. We booked a beachfront suite and feel I might have made the wrong decision. We would like a nice view of the ocean and that's why we booked beachfront but the more I read on the message board the more I feel we should of went with an ocean suite. We like to be secluded and away from activities and if course a good ocean view. Please help. Thanks

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    You need a one bedroom ocean suite and ask for one of the higher blocks - E,F and G. We had a good ocea view from D6 but I think some suites in D block will have views of the cove and the resort rather than the ocean. But someone can correct me on this. A and B blocks have the lawns, swimming pool and Bella Vista betwen them and the sea. Hope this helps. Of course, a penthouse would give you the best view!

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    If you want a great view, do NOT book the BFS at CSS. We made that mistake 3 years ago, and really weren't that crazy about the room. On top of it, we had a HUGE tree in front of our room, and really had no view of the ocean at all. While we really liked CSS, the room situation definitely made an impact on us. (Note: We did not request a room switch, since they were going through refurbishment, and the D block rooms were closed. We DID say that if we went back, we would stay up on the cliffs, though.)

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