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    Only 4 more days to go for us Just a quick clarification on the dress code for the CSA restaurants...I know Feathers is semi-formal, and I've read about some other posts about the dress code, but for guys, are nice khakis ok??? I've seen people talking about "slacks"...but in my house, that always just meant pants! In the other restaurants, nice shorts and slip-on leather sandals will do, right? Thank you so much! So much to do, so little time

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    Nice khakis are fine with a collared shirt in the formal restaurants. In the other restaurants, nice shorts and slip-on leather sandals will do and beach cover ups at most.

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    Yes, nice khakis with a collared shirt work well at the formal restaurant, and I always wore nicer dress shorts, leather sandals and a golf shirt to the others and felt dressed correctly. Enjoy the trip!

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    Also a requirement for the gents at Feathers... close-toed shoes. Hey... its a really nice place... do it for her!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    i made that mistake last time and forgot my dress shoes...bringing them this year...well in 3 days that is!!!

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    Khakis are fine for the guys at Feathers. Bob does like to dress up, though, and he brings a long sleeve dress shirt and tie for Feathers. He is by no means over dressed. All of the restaurants at night are dressier than during the day (except for the Cabana Grill). You can get away with a t-shirt and shorts at The Palms, but Bob usually wears a Polo and dress shorts at The Palms for dinner.

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    [QUOTE=Charmo;67437]Try a "wife beater" undershirt, cutoff jeans and an old John Deer ball cap. Also wear your untied construction boots, they are fad...

    For the ladies, spandex, lots of it, with tang tops 5 sizes too small and beige bras that show.

    Hot pink crocs for shoes.

    did you see a pic of me somewhere, I thought I was the only one who dressed this way. by the way I take my JD hat off at dinner though

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    "Try a "wife beater" undershirt"

    Ohhh, not so funny!! It can happen.....
    In December a new Groom (in his white wife-beater) and his lovely Bride ( and her foul mouthed mother ) sat next to us at Bayside .....

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    Isn't it odd we have a shirt called a wife-beater in the states?

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    Was about to ask a question concerning shorts. I never wore shorts any where. But since losing 100 lbs, my wife has bought me some nice "Dress Shorts". May bring them this time.

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