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    The early escape deal comes with a $500 credit to any item(s) that can be charged to your room. Can anyone help with this. Are the spa treatments chargeable to the room, or the items from the gift shops.

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    Yes the spa treatments and gift shop purchases are charged to your room, as well as other things like private dinners.

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    I don't think that the tips for spa employees can be charged to your room. But I've been wrong before. would anyone like to confirm or deny my statement? I'd just as soon give them cash anyway.
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    The Resorts are cash free nowadays. Everthing must be charged to your room. Go ahead and plan the spending of theose credits.

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    When we were at CSA this past January, we used the $350 spa credit and $150 gift shop credit. We charged everything to the room, and then they settled it at check-out. We were given slips when we checked in that had the credits on them. We gave the spa employees cash for tips. I'm pretty sure that the credit does not cover the tips.

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