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    Default Question for the CN Regulars

    Hey guys! We are headed to CN June 19-26. I saw posted on this MB several months ago a thread listing items to bring that one wouldn't normally think of. So if you can think of any "can't live without" items or suggestions, please share! I was compiling a list but have misplaced it.

    Can't wait! 68 days!!

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    You can go to the search tab above and type in "packing list" on the threads and a few will come up. This is great to have to make sure you take all you need. Then again...not much is needed in paradise! Have a great time. Will be there in November for trip #4!
    Glenda & Mickey

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    hey we will be there 1 day before you. Will have a drink waiting for you. lol

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    hey bluemoon, there is a thread on the main message board dated april 8th named packing list. I printed one off and gave to Debbie and she really likes makes you tink of everything


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    Thanks Randy! That was exactly what I was looking for!
    You will be honeymooning? This is my first time to CN...I'm so excited! We're getting married June 23. So there will be a "wedding item" list too!

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    We just celebrated or 8th anniversary so yes we will be with Debbie life is always a honeymoon


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