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Thread: June 20-27?

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    Default June 20-27?

    We are heading back to CN June 20-27...who else will be there? We went the same time last year! Can't wait!

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    My wife and I are heading back June 22-29. We were there the exact same time last year! Can hardly contain our excitement!

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    So, I wonder if we met last year. We loved every minute and can't wait to get back!!

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    We'll be there June 20-26. We were originally scheduled for May, getting married on May 12th but my fiancee's father passed away suddenly in Feb, so we had to reschedule. Wedding is set for June 23!
    Looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends!

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    We will be there 16th - 23rd for our 11 wedding annversary. Married in 1999 at COR honeymooned CN - this will be our 15th time (I think - lost count)!

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    we wil be there june 18-25...can't wait

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