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    Default line?

    I am new to the boards and am honeymooning at CN in May.

    We are interested in trying a Zip-Line.

    Are there any close by / or any recomended?


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    We did the zips our last time at CN. If I recall, you have to go almost all the way back to Montego Bay. It was fun. I think there were about 6 or 7 lines to run.

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    Not sure about zip lines, but in addition to the many activities at CN, there are several local entrepreneurs who're ready to rent you their jetskis, take you parasailing, etc.

    Going on a honeymoon at CN would be riskier than I'd ever want to go, though. My wife of 32 years would kill me.

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    KYBLUEHEN...Why such a risk to honeymoon at CN??

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    Friends of our did it when we were there in March - booked thru Couples tours desk. They said they had a blast and it was an all day trip. I'm thinkingabout doing it when we go back in March 2011 - gives me plenty of time to work up the nerve!!!

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