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    Default what would really be awesome....

    Wouldn't it be awesome if you could put Couples on your bridal registry? Or if gift certificates were available to put toward a trip? Just think of all of the bizzarro Christmas and birthday gift disasters that could have been averted with a beautiful Couples gift certificate!!

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    You can it is called Honeymoon Registry. Go to
    Irie Mon

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    Actually a few years ago I got gift certificate like credit at my local travel agent's company. For my birthday everyone went and bought certificates for me. So then when I planned my trip, I could use the certificates from them.

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    Default charges 10% to either you or the gift giver as a fee for their part in the transactions.

    We are actually using They only charge 7% - the cheapest we could find.

    So far we've gotten a really good response! Only 48 days until we're home -- for the first time!

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