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    Default Shari and James???

    Hey you long time MBers. Anyone heard from Shari and James recently? She was always a super active poster. Everything OK with those guys?

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    Lew ~ I just sent her an email. I'll let you know if she responds.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Lew ~ I sent her an email 2 days ago and haven't gotten a response, perhaps they are out of town. I'll let you know if she responds back. Hopefully everything is good with them.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Talked to Shari on Thursday. Everything is good she is working out in the yard, James gone for weekend.

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    Hey Lew I'm still here!!! Can't go to Jamaica this year so haven't been on the board but just booked for Dec 2011 at CSS so will be back around. Thanks for thinking of us
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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