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    For a nine day vacation at CTI, what recommendations would experienced travelers give for packing? The issue is whether to bring a change of clothing for each of the 9 days versus bringing a fewer number of items and washing them. Dresses, shirts, etc. It's my understanding that CTI doesn't have a coin operated laundromat. Clothes would need to be sent local cleaners. [Not that that would be a major problem.]

    Anyway ... recommendations? Where do you draw the line?

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    The thing you will need the most of is bathing suits and cover-ups. which do not take much space in luggage from there a couple cute sun dresses and the likes should get you through. If you need to you could send it to the cleaners chances are it will not get dirty enough to warrant washing prior to another wearing and since most people only stay a week you could get away with wearing it again and no one will know unless they recognize you from this MB and point it out..

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    If we have room we always pack as much as we can. If you don't use it it doesn't matter. You can always rinse things out in your room if you need to. Have a great time.

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    You will be amazed at how much time you spend in your swimsuit. I would suggest bringing 5 swimsuits or 3 and some Woolite to wash them out. Then I would bring 4 evening outfits. You'll be amazed at what a short amount of time you are in your evening clothes and you will be able to wear them again, but know you can always send them to the cleaners if need be. Also, don't bring a lot of day wear unless you plan excursions. If you are at the resort all day then you will be in your swimsuit. And remember cover-ups.

    If you are checking luggage, then pack a carry-on with one change of clothes and 1 set of swim wear. Remember a pen for immigration forms on the plane.

    Have a wonderful time and you are wise to not over pack. It is amazing how this can be done and we've been to Couples 5 times and I still over pack. LOL
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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