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    Default The Coolest Shuttle Bus Ride

    Many people have posted concerns about riding the shuttle bus to the resort. After arriving in the
    Couples lounge at the airport, we grabbed a Red Stripe and got on the bus with six other couples. We had never met any of these people before but we all started talking and laughing and we immediately bonded. We stopped on the way to get another Red Stripe and we we were really "hee- hawing" by the time we hit the resort. Needless to say,during that week we enjoyed most of the resort's activities together. These new friends really made our vacation.
    Thanks Cindy and Chris, Tammy and Ben, Cynthia and Perry, Patricia and Paul, Arkansas(SOOOO-EEEEE) and Hooters.
    Kirt and Karla- you guys are FUN!!!
    This is why we love the shuttle bus.
    Mariann and Jimmy

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    Sounds like you had a GREAT Time!!! CN Rocks!!!

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