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    Default comments-- great house verandah suite ?

    booking for next year,stayed in verandah suite last time at csa,and was thinkiing about trying something else,dont spend that much time in room . would like to see the caribbean,but also have a budget.thanks for the help ..caribbean soul

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    There are plenty of room classifications at SweptAway, for a full range of budget points...

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    Hey soul, check out my soon to be posted review. We just stayed in the GHVS and I loved it. My view was great. Here is what I wrote in my review about the room

    We had a Great House Verandah Suite (GHVS) room 5205. When we booked, that’s just what the travel agent gave us based on the budget I gave him and I didn’t know the difference in all the room classes at the time. There was some “chatter” about some people not liking these rooms because they were “hotel-like”. That didn’t bother me a bit. Never really even crossed my mind. Our view and balcony were fantastic (pic hopefully attached), the location was convenient to Feathers, Patois, Cabana Grill, the Aura Lounge (Ultimate Chocolate) and the internet café. While I might try a different room class on the next trip (and there will definitely be a next trip), I would also happily stay in the GHVS again. There was also some chatter about people hearing doors slamming a lot. The only time I heard doors slamming was the one day where I took a nap and people were checking into the room right next door. Other than that, no problems at all. I mentioned that I got one of the 3 room numbers that we requested. I requested the room numbers at the same time I was booking the private beach dinner (more on that below). Not sure if that had anything to do with it or not (spending the extra money that is) but I was really pleased to have gotten my request as the message boards seemed to indicate that was the exception and not the rule. The room was basic but the bed was comfortable, the AC worked great and the bathroom was clean (and I am very picky about the bathroom having zero mold at hotels). We weren’t in the room all that much, so having a great view was the most important factor for me. It wasn’t the Ritz-Carlton, but I’ve got no real complaints (although the lighting in the bathroom could have been better).

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    thanks gopanthers,just book for 2011 april...caribbean soul

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