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    Default price match ? for randymon

    If I have a lower price from a travel website for a hotel and flight combination will Couples price match, and if they do and I book it and then later find an even lower price will Couples match that also?

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    Hi - we will do our best to match any price. Understand that when airfare is involved it is a little trickier. Some prices, as an example, may include flts that are either not non-stop or on a different carrier.

    Bottomline is that we will work with you to get you the best price.

    You must provide written proof of any price match offer....

    Couples Resorts

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    Hi Randymon,

    I am trying to book a surprise for my hubby and was planning on using the love away plan. Do you price match with that as well? I have found a deal that is about $250 cheaper.

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    Randymon, I just had this exact situation. I called on Monday 5/03/10 and spoke with Nicole. I asked her this very question and she said that Couples does not price match. That I was more then welcome to cancel my reservations with Couples and book with the other vendor in order to get the cheaper price.

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