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    I am having such a hard time deciding between these two resorts. I'm sure that both are great. I think that I like the looks of the rooms at CSA better and I like the idea of a little more night life...but the bloody bay area looks so serene and intimate! For those of you who have been to would you compare rooms, food, nightlife and overall atmosphere? I also like the idea of an oceanfront verandah suite so you can walk right out to the beach....HELP!

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    Since you are posting this in the Au Naturel section, I would say that you want to choose CN over CSA. CN has an AN area whereas CSA does not have an AN area. Simple choice between the two.
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    i thought i read csa is the only couples property that does not offer AN section is this true ? or have they changed this

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    Did you mean to post this on the Au Natural board? CSA does not have any nude sunbathing only topless allowed on the beach. So that may make up your mind right there. Otherwise, I did see your post on the main board so hopefully some others will answer your questions. I'm not a room person because you spend so little time in it, so I can't really comment on the rooms. Food is the same at all of the resorts. First Class! CSA does have the disco, but CN has the piano bar. It just depends on the crowd for the week if the nightlife is there or not. I will let you know that when the sun goes down, romance goes in full swing. Both resorts are wonderful that way. Just continue to look at the website, read the threads, and look at pictures. One of the resorts will start to stand out to you or you could always book a split trip. CN & CSA are only about 10 minutes away from each other.
    Juliann & Jeff
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