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    Hello all,

    Me and my soon to be wife are visiting CSS and are hoping to go to SSB during our stay. I was wondering what the atmosphere is like at SSB after the sun goes down. Are there a lot of textilers? Or does the daytime fun continue after the sun goes down? Also, I was wondering how private it is.

    I know that is a lot of questions, just new at this and wasn't sure.


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    On our previous trips, the pool area on ssb was pretty much shut down and empty at night. We went to the hot tub one night and one of the staff said we were welcome there and asked if we wanted the lights turned on. We declined. I have read posts that said that groups have asked the staff to turn the lights on, and they have stayed out there at night partying, so I guess that is an option. Some others may have some more insight for you.

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    When the sun goes down, most people head to their rooms to change into their evening attire and then go to dinner and see the show. Very few people will wander back over to SSB as the bar closes at 5pm. Some people do wander over there to enjoy the pool and hot tub, but there are no lights.
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    At 5 PM SSB is open to all. This is to allow everyone to enjoy the beautiful Jamaican sunsets that you see from SSB. They also have a DJ set up after the beach party on tuesday nights

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