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    Default Blackberry and AT&T service - CTI

    Anyone know if Blackberry EDGE network from AT&T works at CTI?

    Any idea on cost? I have international calling but wanted to know if Blackberry features are available?

    Not that I want or need to be that connected, I use my BB phone for games, sports, news etc. My high tech entertainment.


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    Well I have an iPhone so I can tell you my experience. It works! To use it just as a phone, receiving calls and texts is no different than your regular plan. To make calls or send texts there is an international rate but it's so cheap I didn't even notice it when my bill came. Just call AT&T from your phone and they can tell you what it is. I called them on my way to the airport to make sure I didn't need to do anything special and I didn't. (When you turn your phone on in Jamaica, it will connect to the Digicel network.)

    But to use it as anything other than a phone, it will cost you more money to roam while searching for a wireless network or the 3G network. So I turned all of these features off when I was there (location services, data push and wireless network). You can still play games though. Hope this helps! BTW, you will LOVE CTI!!
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    Default AT&T Roaming Rates

    This link has the roaming rates for AT&T.
    If you want use data I would strongly consider one of the Global Data add-ons. They range from 20MB ($25) - 200MB ($199).
    The default data roaming charge below are very high.

    Good luck,

    Calls Placed/Received While in Jamaica
    AT&T Standard International Roaming $1.99
    AT&T World Traveler $1.69
    AT&T Canada $1.99
    AT&T Mexico $1.99
    Data Usage: All GPRS pay per use rates are $.0195/KB, except in Canada rate is $.015/KB

    Text, Picture and Video Messages:
    Send Text Message $0.50 per message sent
    Send Picture and Video Messages $1.30 per message sent
    Receive Text, Picture and Video Messages
    Home pay-per-use or package rates apply to all text, picture or video messages received when roaming internationally.

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    Outstanding info from both of you!

    I'll call at&t before I go!

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