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    Default Blue Mountain Bike Tour

    We are probably booking Couples Negril for Dec. 2011 - where you receive the $500 room credit. I understand this can be used to book excursions through the hotel - does anyone know if the hotel offers the Blue Mountain Bike Tour?
    Does anyone know what other excursions you can book through Couples Negril?

    Many thanks,

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    The Blue Mountain Bike Tour would best be done if you were staying at CTI. From Negril, it would be a very, very long day. Even from CTI, it's a whole day trip.

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    The Blue Mountain Bike tour is over an hour from CTI/CSS and the opposite direction from CN. I do not believe they offer it there. But it's a lot of fun!

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    The room credit cannot be used for off site excursions. Let me tell you, the bike tour is fantastic as we have done it in the past. However, it is much too far from Couples Negril. Probably a 3 hour cab ride to get to the bus, then another 2 hours on the bus to the top off the mountain. Take advantage of this one on your return to paradise when you come home to Couples Tower Isle or San Souci.

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    Thanks very much. We are staying at Sans Souci this Dec. and probably booking for Negril for 2011.

    We did the Blue Mountain Bike Tour some years back and hubby still raves about it. Maybe we will go in 2010 while at Sans Souci...

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    Baldo ~ The 2011 credits do allow you to use them with outside excursions. Anything that can be charged to your room can be used with the credit.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Coloradojuli, thanks. You are correct for 2011 on those credits. My mistake, that is a really nice perk.

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