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    Default A question for Randymon

    We are booked to Marry at CTI May 3rd...but after seeing all the beautiful areas and the beautiful beach at Sans it possible to get Married on Sans Souci Beach instead, even though we are staying at CTI?
    We are first timers to Jamaica..and have looked at all the wedding photo's on the message board, and Sans Souci looks so much nicer as far as the grounds, and the beach is a lot bigger too..just a thought? We still want top stay at CTI though.

    Has anyone ever done this before? I have no idea how far it is from CTI anyways. But we really want a beach wedding, and the beach looks so much bigger at Sans Souci.
    Thank you,


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    Not Randymon but think I could help;

    Correct me if I am wrong Ranymon, but I remeber if you register for romance rewards you were able to take advantage of the trading places even if this was your first trip. SO you should be able to do that as far as the weding portion I do not know what is needed for the planning and preplanning I would suspect that they have done so many of these a rehersal of sorts is not needed but do not know as I have never had this experience. Good luck in your venture where ever you get married will be alright.

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    Hi Sportylady,

    Sorry, but wedding slots are reserved for guests staying at the specific resort.

    There is plenty of space on CTI's beach for you to hold your ceremony.

    We look forward to welcoming you home soon.

    Couples Resorts

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