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    Default CTI - Favorite Menu Item(s)

    We are headed to CTI for our first time in 3 weeks (so excited!). We want to know your favorite menu item(s). What is your must have food item? If you can also let us know the restaurant.

    Steve & Tierc

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    All, all, all of it.....I tell you I want it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the morning, the omellettes are amazing and the fuit is so fresh and juicy that it explodes like a tidal wave in your mouth.

    At lunch, something light followed by two, no three, no four kinds of desserts.

    At dinner, anything from the verandah or 8 rivers restaurants is to die for.

    between lunch and dinner and then again late at night.....beef patties, jerk chicken, and cheeseburgers from the grill, and everything from the veggie bar.
    Peace, Love, and Respect
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    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    Steak at at 8 Rivers
    Irie Mon

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    Try everything and anything, it's all good. If you don't like something, get something else.

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    Try some items at the Veggie Bar. I thought the food there was amazing!

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