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    Default Live from CN....Couples Negril........Hugs

    The best got even better...We are enjoying CN very much..We love the changes..Our weather has been wonderful...We have met so many people that use the message board.

    So we are HOME and loving it.

    No problems at CN...Couples Negril is doing better than ever.


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    Sounds great. We are off to Sans Souci this Dec. and are thinking very heavily on booking Couples Negril for Dec. 2011!

    What changes have been made?

    Enjoy your vacation.

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    Glad you guys are having so much fun.

    Had you been since Lychee had opened up? That is now our favorite restaurant of Couples.

    Plus the bathroom by the grill and Bldg 1 is so convenient when you are in the swim up bar and it is less cool than the one by Casanava.

    Give Peggy, Jean, & Jimbo a hug from us.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    No worries mon - CN appears to be as wonderful as you hoped/expected/remembered! Your comments of CN helped solidify our decision to try CN and you were absolutely correct about it all. We LOVE CN too!

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    Princess Juli..We have not tried Lychee yet but we plan to.

    We are having a MEWBIE ball..We are so thrilled with the new CN.

    The weather....HOT..Bright sunny and HOT..Ocean and pool are a little warm.

    Swim up bar is wonderful.

    More later.


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    HOT....Yes indeed,the weather is HOT and it's a very beautiful day here at CN...Couples Negril


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    See Tommy, I told you it was all good. I knew you would love it and the new changes. I am so glad you are having a wonderful time. Be sure to try Lychee's speciality drink, no it is not a Salty Dog, but you might like it.

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    Default We will be there soon !

    How long are you there for? We arrive on THursday !!!


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    OMG Tommy, you have left the pool bar since we last seen you there Saturday afternoon haven't you? Can you give us an update on the beach grill?


    Jean & Mike

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    Oh that is so wonderful that it is HOT there....I am greatly anticipating the hot Jamaican sun and cold Red Stripe!! Don't drink it all up...I'll be there on Monday!!

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    Enjoy your hot day. I'm sitting in sweats with wool socks on and we had snow this morning. I'm jealous!!!!!!!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    If you like hot, get the Pad Thai noodles at Lychee and ask Denver to make them extra hot for you. Have a Lychee Martini, you just might like it as much as a Salty Dog.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Been trying to drag my son into the Lychee. I know he would love it.

    Son has been behaving as his past has caught up with him. The HUG KING has been uncovered in town! We found him a few more BAAAston people to hug. I think he is finally getting use to us Yankees.

    Repeaters Dinner was GREAT and as usual we were surrounded by great people.

    Rum is flowing and I think they found a new supply of Appleton's as we attempt to drain the source.

    TW you need to try the Lychee. I'll tell Richard to take good care of you.

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    Tommy, glad you are having a great time at your original "home". don't have to much fun. after all you have another week left at CSS.


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    Tommywommy......I miss my facebook buddy! Hope you are Peggy have a great time! And remember....we need pics!!!! 7 months is too far away frm Paradaise....Help!!! Take some great pics for me of Art playing volleyball and Francine cheering him on!
    Glenda & Mickey

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    Another bright beautiful day...Looks like HOT again today..Just so beautiful.

    flipflopfun..We are leaving CN very early Saturday morning..sure hope to see you Thursday or Friday.

    I have met and hugged so many guests and employees..So much fun.


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    Friday morning and another BEAUTIUL HOT day..Aww

    Everything is so wonderful at CN..Everything


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    I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to say g'bye, but it was great for the two of us to finally meet the two of you on our first springtime trip.

    I also enjoyed playing pool volleyball with RDYJMJM. I'm glad I didn't have to go over to the AN side to meet him, because that wouldn't have happened.

    Hope we all meet again at our home on the island, mon.

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