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    Default I got it

    I finally figured it out. The box in the upper right hand corner says, "Switch editor mode" When I did, the words and symbols went away and things work very well. That may be something to tell people when they get on here, just what that box represents.

    Anyway, I like exploring and trying new things. If others who follow will just be patient, in time the old board will be just another memory.

    Krisjamie--I was able to retrieve my address book. It was just a case of getting all the information out of the portable hard drive. The person who uploaded everything from the old computer, said Outlook wasn't there. He had no explanation. Staples service. Anyway, yesterday, after more than two hours on the phone with Dell and Comcast. I asked the Dell technician if she could find any more on the hard drive. Sure enough, there was my address book. One step forward.

    And one step backward. Comcast is going to try to find a port for my e-mail. All the numbers they have tried so far have failed. It's now up to Comcast.

    After having been on the new board for only a few days, I'm thinking that the vast majority of the posters will "get it".

    See you later, Alligator!!
    After awhile, Crocodile!!


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    yah mon Richie, i certainly hope so


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    Glad to hear it Richie.

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    You are so smart!!


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    Well, after kicking and screaming and a little pouting, I think I have finally got it!!!

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