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    Don't change a ting mon!

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    I have a great idea. Let's get a quiet, romantic, non-alchohol catamaran cruise going. Everyone (which will probably be only a few) that rides it could pay the extra cost that would be incurred by the resort up front at the time it leaves. This way it would not change a thing to the perfection of the existing one and would create a viable option for lovers, that don't want to listen to awesome music, meet great people and enjoy the fine Rum Punch. No selling of items and mingling with the great characters on the ship. This would be a great way to relax, maybe even sleep the whole cruise. Wow! BORING! But, what a great option.

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    "The Couples Message Board is for polite, thoughtful discussion and inquiries about Couples Resorts only. Posts that are abusive, off subject, silly, containing personal attacks, threats, name calling libels, illegal activities, or hate group messages will not be allowed."

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    We've been on both quiet ones and then one that was completely taken over by a loud group of drunks in Dec 2009...On that one everyone else was annoyed by them and it did leave a bad taste in our mouths. Not everyone wants to drink and yell "whoo hooo !!"

    Usually you can just move to a quieter part of the boat.

    The best solution if the noise bothers you, is to do what we did, go on your own private Cat Cruise - you get what you pay for.

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    I think a quiet champagne cruise once a week would be perfect. I personally perfer a classy cruise with some music. Now again later in the week how about a party cruise!!!Good idea to offer both..
    I personnally have not been to cn but am booked for nov 2010. yeah mon..

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    We are self employed with four young boys and 10 full time employees. We flee the country once or twice a year for some fun and relaxation. This is our 6th trip to Jamaica(CN, CSA, CN, CN, H3, CN). As you can see we've tried a couple of different resorts. CSA was too quiet, and H3 was way too wild. CN is PERFECT for us. Don't try to change the resort, try different resorts. I personally love the CAT Cruise. Now that you have my opinion, you can save the world.....

    ps, we take a hobie cat for a very quiet romantic cruise for two

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    I am not sure they could make it a quiet ride. They would have to limit the amount of people on it. I was there for a week and everyday it was booked solid with people. I gave our spot up one night for a newlywed couple and do not regret it after seeing the boat leave packed with people all over the boat. I am a quiet person and do not drink but would go for the good time. If I wanted a quiet romantic trip I would rent out a boat. I would vote not to change it. It appears to be a good thing already from seeing the large groups that go out all the time.

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    Default dble dee

    We will be there next Saturday and I hope they havent changed a thing on the cruise. It is what you make of it. Sorry you didnt enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donrae View Post
    It really depends on the crowd. Our sunset cruise from CSA was very tame in relation to our experience on the CN cruise. I mentioned this to the crew and they said that if you get a bunch of rowdy people then they will ramp up the music and activities. If the crowd seems subdued then they just go with the flow and keep the tone of the cruise subdued. I hope that makes sense.
    I found CSA to be the same, as well...
    We are planning on CSS this year, so, no CAT...

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    The cat cruise we went on in Sept was not like other Booze Cruises we have been on. Yes, there was free flowing alcohol, (just like at the resort) and a bunch of people having an amazing evening. Things were a bit more festive on the way out and a bit more relaxed and snuggly on the way home. I feel bad for the people who stay off the cruise just because they have 'heard' of something unpleasant happening... Just go and go with the flow!

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    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
    Strictly an opinion here. I hope they leave well enough alone. I really think this would be the wish of the majority if put to a vote. On our recent trip to CSA, we went on 2 of the cruises. The first one we went on was completely different than the second. The first, on Saturday was a much livelier, fun, reggae pumping good time. Not overly loud and nobody was obnoxious or overserved. It was all due to the crew in my opinion. They got the guests pumped before we even set out. The following Tuesday we went again because we had so much fun and it ended up to be pretty lame in comparison. I'm sure a lot of people on the Tuesday cruise had a lovely time but we felt it was kind of a letdown and we could have been doing something else back at CSA. I think the mood of the people as they are getting off the boat is a pretty good indicator of the time they had. Saturday's cruise had most people laughing and singing all the way to shore. New friendships were made that carried into shore too. Tuesdays cruise was more like people leaving a funeral. I'll take laughing, singing and making new friends over a funeral anyday.

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    Default Its all good.

    We have been on at least 25 cat cruises from couples negril, it all depends on the mood onboard/people. We have had some laid back/quiet ones and the so called booze cruise/party hardy. Our last cruise was 4/8/10 and it poured rain for 3/4 of the trip, it was a party hardy cruise 4 sure,fun time. Best thing to do is go with the flow and enjoy. Mike

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    Don't change a ting!!!!!

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    I can't wait for the Cat cruise(s) in October. My fiance will be married just 2 days before we arrive and we are looking for fun, adventurous AND romantic times!! I say keep the Cat cruise the way it is, and go our for romantic excursions on your own - even if you have to pay a little extra for it. I don't know how romantic you want things to be when there are 50-80 other people around you....just sayin'
    Can't wait for our trip to CN and our first time to Jamaica!!!

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    Default Not me!!!!

    I guess not
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    Default Re Cruise

    We just were at CTI and weren't able to even try the cruise as it was all booked up as of our first day. : (
    However, when we stayed in Cozumel, the hotel there had two types of cruises available - one was for families and couples and was very serene and enjoyable, but also featured a fun on-deck fireshow once it got dark. It wasn't a non-drinking cruise, but the drinking wasn't a main aspect. Then there was another cruise that went several times a week which was actually called 'The Booze Cruise'. Both were fun in their own way, but on our visit to CTI for our wedding and honeymoon, I definitely had hoped we would have the chance to experience the more romantic type, but did not get any type, so it is a moot point.

    Just a final thought: Not every couple is a drinking couple, and not every couple can afford a whole separate private cruise (I know we couldn't). Even if there had been an additional cost for a quieter cruise, we would have been willing to pay for it, as long as there were other couples who went as well, so that it could be affordable. I think that offering couples a chance to take a quieter, romantic sunset cruise would be well in keeping with the Couples theme. I also think that the party cruise should continue as well. The more cruises, the better! But for my honeymoon (and future anniversaries), I would definitely prefer a more mellow cruise. Hope that this doesn't offend anyone, but I am being honest after experienceing both types.

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    Hubby and I just got back from Csa last week. We did the cat cruise twice. It was fun but that being said, The first time this drunk man kept pushing people off the boat. I very sternly told him if he put his hands on my even one time, he would have some broken fingers by the time I got done. This being said I do not drink, and I just sat with my legs dangling off the boat with my hubby snuggling close. The second one was much more relaxed and we enjoyed just being togeather on the water. What's to complain about your in jamaica. IT is what you make it!

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