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    Default This weeks weather in Ochos Rios

    I am monitoring the weather on my phone. It is showing 29 deg all week but black clouds with lightening bolts coming ou and rain. This is week beginning 12th April. Curious to know how accurate this app is.

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    That's what mine shows too (in the 80s with thunderstorms). I'm leaving on Wednesday and not too worried!!! they are "scattered" thunderstorms and i've heard that it will probably rain for an hour or two and then be fine- no worries mon!!! vacation time here I come.

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    Any tropical island always shows a change of storms, but the storms are brief rain showers lasting from a few minutes to an hour or so. It won't ruin your vacation and usually the rain comes in just in time to go grab a bite to eat.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We just got back yesterday and the forecast for us last week was the same and we never saw one drop of rain in 9 days, best weather we've ever had on vacation!

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    I say let it rain because a bad day in jamaica is better than my best day at home!

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    I guess it will be similar to Florida, quick downpours. Can't remember much rain in Bermuda. Still got a long wait though

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    glad to see I'm not the only one that wonders about these things.

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    We are heading to CSA on Friday arriving on Saturday .. and I am very worried about the weather ..been planning this vacation for a LONG time ...are you all sure that thunder showers only mean for a short period each day

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    We are at CSS right now and I kept seeing the same report and started to get worried. You can see the rain further inland and in the mountains but it has been incredible down on the beach. Yesterday it got cloudy around 2pm and it sprinkled but never rained. Some clouds later aren't unusual but they're not bad. We've determined the forecasts are for more inland where it does typically rain everyday. The weather is perfect!!! You're gonna love it.

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