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    OK we have been here for a few days so don't blame me for not posting blame the rum.

    Today is the first time I have seen it rain for more than an hour. This liquid gold is badly needed here. The food smells great and the rum is flowing to counter the rain and it's working the rain is slowing down and the sun is peaking out.

    Weather has been FANTASTIC.

    Massachusetts has invaded CN with weddings as I have met my 5th couple from Massachusetts that has gotten married here or is on a honeymoon. Wait for them to meet me at the swim up bar. They are destined to have a Bob Marley or two or three.

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    Glad things are going well. Be sure and keep those stools standing up in the swim up bar. I think I only have about 550 days until I'm back at CN. That is if we don't sneak in a trip this October.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Enjoy! Razzl

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    ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!!!!!!!! We both know how quickly it goes by!

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    Hey RDYJMJM, wasn't that an incredible rain shower this afternoon. The timing was perfect for us. It was our first full day here at CN (2nd visit). We had taken in about as much sun as we should on the first day when the rains arrived. We waited out the downpour in the AN hot tub with some new friends... probably the best way to experience the Jamaican rain. And you're right, the rain is badly needed here... the trees are looking a little stressed.

    We will look for you around the pool bar, if we can drag ourselves away from the peacefulness of the AN beach.

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    Had an evening rain and a daytime tropical shower which is a welcome pot of liquid gold for the area. Other than that it has been HOT HOT HOT and the rum cold cold cold.

    Enjoy your trip. I told TW to hug the stuffin out of ya for me.

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