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    Default Refridgerator question

    Do all rooms at CSA and CTI have a refriderator? When I read the descriptions it appears that CTI only has them in the suites. I have to book before the 15th and I am trying to make the best decision. My son-to-be husband is driving me crazy with his stipulations. First the must have TV, now the must have refriderator for drinks. Please help me! Thanks everyone.

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    The descriptions on the website are correct. Not all rooms at CTI & CSA have a fridge, but you are correct that the Suites at CTI do have them.

    We have never intentionally gotten a room with a fridge and thought it would be nice, but all bars are so close that we never ended up using the fridge.
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    At SweptAway, no. The Garden and Atrium Suites in the original area of the resort do not have fridges, but the Beachfront Suites over there do. However, NONE of the rooms in the original area have TV's. ALL rooms that have the word "Verandah Suite" in their category name have TV's, fridges and minibars.

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    I can only address CSA. All of the rooms that have "verandah" in the name, or are part of the Great House have refrigerators in the room. The other rooms do not (meaning, atrium, garden, and beachfront suites).

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    CTI only has frig's in the suites.
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