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    Default One Week until CSA!!!!

    My Fiance' and I can hardly wait for next Sunday, April 18th!!! That's the day we'll arrive in Montego Bay! We are coming down April 18th-25th for our "wedding-moon". We are getting married on the 21st and can't wait to experience everything CSA has to offer! I'm preparing myself to get on Jamaican time as soon as we land, and just take it one day at a time! Hope to see some of you very soon!

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    Congratulations! You are going to have an excellent time! We went for the first time last year and absolutely LOVED it. We return in less than 6 weeks. One of the best things about it I think is you can be as busy or laid back as you want to be - it's YOUR time after all. Definitely make time (lol) for taking a seat floatie into the ocean and just drifting around. It's bliss....

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    hi scifire,we will be at csa 19th to 26th, its jz and mine 19th anniversary on earth date the 22nd,have a great time and good luck..caribbean soul

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    Congrats! You are going to have a blast. CSA is very romantic. Enjoy.

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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding and honeymoon, we are there, 8 of us from the 17th til the 24th, so I guess we are invited to your wedding,

    see you soon

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    One week for us too!! Yay!

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    congratulations and best wishes -- you are going to be in heaven the entire time... take it all in and enjoy every moment. please do a complete review when you return and take pics for us!

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    Congrats -- I wish my wife and I had gotten married at CSA.... We'll be down there when you are there.... along with our 3 other couples. 4 of us have been to CSA 4 times -- the other 4 are "rookies".... You made a great choice... We'll be there the 17th-24th....

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    Congrats on the wedding. My wife and I had our wedding at CSA a couple years ago. We will also be there next week, 17th-24th, can't wait.

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    I'll be arriving on the 17th and staying through the 22nd......5 days and counting. We were just there in Nov. for the 1st time and I'm so exicted to be going back!!! I can hardly think of anything else!!!

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    Hey there,
    Im new to the boards, but we also are going to CSA (1st time to Jamaica)! We are having our "WeddingMoon" the 17th - 24th , getting married on the 20th, our 9 yr anniversary! We are going alone, does anyone know what to do about not having witnesses? Our guests back out last month.
    Cant wait to see Jamaica!

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    Congrats... we will see you there! We arrive the same day!

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    Thank all of you! Everyone is invited to the "Post Wedding" activities!!! Which i'm sure will be a drink here, a drink The countdown is less than a week now for our flight out of Charlotte, NC to Montego Bay.... Everyone have a safe trip, and we'll see ya there!

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. You will LOVE CSA!! Warning--once you go, you will be hooked. We visited for the first time in 2008 and have now been three times. Can't wait for the opportunity for trip number 4.

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