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    Default Tips--I'm confused!

    I've read that tips are not allowed as they are included in your cost of the trip and that employees can get into a lot of trouble for accepting them. Then, I read on the other hand that tips are expected and to put them under glasses or your plates?? I have no trouble leaving tips to employees that deserve them but I, in no way, want to get anyone in trouble. What is the protocol here? Are tips allowed or not? Encouraged or discouraged?

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    How many times do we see this post? I'm sure, yet again, Randy will be posting. NO TIPPING. The only people on site yu can tip are the spa workers as they are contracted staff. I'nm sure someone else will list the off site people to tip.

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    No tips means no tips!!! The best tip you could give is to remeber them by name and remember to write their name on the comment card at the end being specific of how they went above and beyond. Trust me that is worth more to them than the tip you might leave.

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    Randy just answered this question very well on this recent post.
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    there seems to be a growing numbers of similar tip posts on here and TA over the past 3 months. We have never been to Couples but i am curious if there is a no tipping policy why recently has the expectation of tips been so pronounced. We have traveled to other resorts and are used to tipping for excellent service however we do not want to create any issues for workers or management. So what is the real deal is it lik the military don't ask don't tell?

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    There should be no confusion, despite what you may have read on other travel blogs/sites. I don't know where these posts come from... but I've never experienced anything they describe in seven previous Couples visits.

    Tips are NOT allowed, and should NOT be expected. If a staff member insists, just walk away. If service suffers as a result, it should be noted and mentioned to a manager.

    Its important to know when you are under the care and service of staff and when you're not.

    At the Couples Lounge at MBJ, you are. Once you're headed out of the airport with your luggage in tow by porter, you are not (a buck or two per bag is appropriate).

    Your transfer is provided by Couples under contract with a JUTA carrier. The driver is NOT Couples staff.

    Once you arrive at your resort, step off into paradise... and the land of NO TIPPING! As dandj indicated, spa services are an island of the resort where you should consider tipping.

    If you go on the catamaran cruise, it should be considered an off-site excursion. None of those working on off-site excursion providers are Couples staff.

    I hope that helps...

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    The people that leave tips, despite the CLEAR policies, are simply doing it to fluff their ego. Somehow, they see themselves as "helping", though found tips are turned in to the desk, etc.

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    Where did you see someone say to tip under a plate?

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    You will also see on here that many people, myself included, bring small gifts in lieu of tips. Chocolates are always a big hit. We also bring school supplies, paperback books, small toys, etc. that we give to the employees for their kids. Some of the things we bring, I give to the resort management to distribute to employees during their department meetings as incentives for great comments left, by guests, about individual employees.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearso View Post
    Where did you see someone say to tip under a plate?
    There was a review on TA that made this comment. Supposedly while at CN they were told by several of the staff to leave a tip under their glass at the bar and under the plate in the restaruants.

    Like almost everyone here, I have never, in all our trips, been asked by staff for a tip. Not even a hint of one. So I am taking that review with a grain of sand.

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    We have been to COuples five times and have never, never left a tip nor did we feel we had to. I also never saw anyone else leave a tip. I do not know where you got that information but it is clearly wrong. It is truly, truly a great experience not to have to worry about that.

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    As a newbie, what is an appropriate tip amount for the driver? Thanks.

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    We've been here since Sunday and we've tipped the non-couples luggage porters ($5), a guy that helped us gather up our luggage ($5) (which by the way was very helpful since in our quest to get through customs we left a carry-on by accident and he hand delivered to us while standing in line) our driver to the resort ($10) and Simone & Ruth ($15 each) who gave us the most amazing couples massage we've ever experienced. I've left some chocolate, asprin/ibuprofen, nail polish and flip flops for our maid but that is truly a personal choice and not expected! We've had room service deliver a few things and they've never acted like they expect one. Thank them and tell them they've done an outstanding job when they do so then fill out those forms. That's one of the best things you can do for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iguana View Post
    I am at Swept Away right now. The first beakfast we had in the room, the staff member lingered and told me it was his "birthday". This was similar the second day, and of the staff who look the luggage to the room.
    So the policy should be clearer. In my mind, the staff half expect a tip for dragging a heavy tray up 3 flights of stairs, which I find is reasonable. If this is not wanted, staff should be reminded not to look surprised not to receive.
    Let management know as those employees will probably not be around very long. No tipping is no tipping!!

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    Probably the very best "tip" you can leave for staff members is a notation in the customer satisfaction survey you are invited to fill in at the end of your stay.

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