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    Default RESPECT - Colin ( dive team ) Shark Wrangler at Couples TI

    Frances and I went for our third trip to Couples and second to TI in March 2010. To be honest, the TI resort has lost some of the atmosphere with the refurb, but the staff are still amazing. It may be unfair to pick out any, but in the hope that they get some recognition from the management, then - from the "other" staff - Lea Shell ( reception ) and Brenton ( entertainment ) stood out.

    However, the Couples TI dive team, Colin, David and LLoyd were absolutely brilliant. On our first morning on-site, I came across Colin in the main hotel corridor, and after his normal restrained ( Tee Hee ) "Welcome back home Mon !!!!", he explained that on the first dive of that morning he had come across a shark snagged in fishing line and had borrowed a pair of shears from housekeeping and was going to try and remove it.

    Of course I asked if I could come along and - as you may know - "NO" is not in Couples' staff vocabulary. In fact he asked if I would mind taking his camera to try and get some shots so his kids could see as well. It would have been churlish to refuse so off I went.

    I did take a few photos with his camera, but in the circumstances - the 8/10 foot nurse shark was hiding between and under walls of coral, the visibility was pretty awful and still photos gave poor results due to the scatter from klart in the water.

    To cut a long story short, we found the shark, followed it for a while until it went to ground in a fairly inaccessible spot. Colin removed his dive gear underwater and held his breath to squeeze in to cut away the line - What a Hero !!!!

    As my video setting does not use the camera's flash, it does not suffer as much from scatter, so I reset my underwater camera to get the short vids on the attached url.

    There are FIVE videos uploaded. To view the last ( best ) one properly you need to view with no reflection on your screen as the light quality was very low. You will see the marks on its LHS fin where the line has been removed and Colin ( and my ) hands.

    As I never remove my camera from its underwater housing on vacation, Colin has not seen these videos properly ( and his kids certainly haven't ), so PLEASE can someone pass this url onto him with my thanks and intense respect.

    Looking forward to my next trip alresdy....
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