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    Default 2 weeks to go/ "Base Tan" a real thing?

    Well we hit the airport two weeks from this Wednesday. Getting super excited now! I'm laying out in the backyard listening to the reggae station I created on Pandora with a cold beer while sunning my pasty skin before I hit Negril and burn to a crisp. I was laying here wondering if there's any real credability to the
    theory of the "base tan". Do you guys think that's a legitimately helpful thing or just a myth? Am I honestly doing myself a favor by bearing my dermis to "Le Sol" before I travel or am I just generating an excuse to lay about in my yard like limp white dread waiting for two weeks to pass? Also I've buried a green flag beside me in the grass and I feel sure my wife has seen it and is dilebrately ignoring it at this point. Point one is apparently one need not practice for the flag service as I seem to have mastered it immediately and with no warm up. Point two is for CSA which is to not hire my wife if she asks. Her response time to the green flag is clearly not up to your standards.
    17 days until CSA so I better get back to tanning. Maybe I need a larger flag.

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    HA HA HA! Seriously cracked me up. Thanks!

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    I would rather show up in the tropics with a "base tan" than to show up white as a sheet and have to slather on tons of sunscreen or risk burning and ruin the vacation. Base tan, in my opinion, is necessary if you are the type to tan and apparently you are. As for the drinks, I suggest a cooler full of your favorite beer just under your chair for easy retreival, since you're not getting any green flag service at home.

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    Maybe stateside it is a different color flag try pink or red maybe that will catch her attention. I believe base tans work, depending on your skin type!

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    Now that's pretty funny but might I suggest you be careful of complaining about the wife's bar service?? You never know where that flag might end up!!

    We did not pre-tan but wish we had. At least we weren't the whitest people there...but we were close!

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    Great post! I had to laugh becuase I have marked "start base tan" on my calender... I too am worried about the possibility of having discomfort while on the vactation so I am determined to get the initial burn out of the way here.. Your green flag remarks are too funny! Happy travels


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    The base tan brings your melanocites toward the surface of the skin. It's the meanocites that cause you to tan, so as long as you do not have really fair skin and burn easily, then it's worth getting some base before you go. Use a good sun screen regardless of how you tan. No one wants to burn and ruin their vacation. Have fun with that flag.

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    As a Florida native...a base tan is imperative for you to enjoy your vacation without as much of a chance without getting burned/fried.
    You will seriously be glad you "prepped" your skin with some pre-sun!
    Make sure you stop and get some vinegar at the "sundries" store when you get there. If you get a little burned and your skin stings...washing or bathing in a light vinegar bath will get rid of the burn and balance out the PH of your skin!!

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    Too funny. What a great post. Thank you more making me giggle.

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    I have to get a base tan before I go, or risk looking like a lobster when I leave the island. On our first trip several years ago, we made the decision to go and 3 weeks later we left. With all the excitement of getting ready, I decided not to try and get some sun before we left. HUGE mistake..ended up with sun poisoning even though we went through 2 bottles of 80 SPF while on vacation. Since that learning experience, I start tanning about 3-4 weeks before we depart. I have not had the sun poisoning problem since.

    Only 6 more days until CN.........

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    A base tan gives you an SPF of 6. Your skin will thank you if you just go and are good about applying sunscreen.

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    I fake and bake for atleast a month before leaving.... I do not want to fry down there, plus, I lay out in Jamaica with only tanning lotion (NO SUNSCREEN). I will be tanning for 1 1/2 months ahead of time this time around

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    The first time we went to Jamaica I did not pre-tan. BIG mistake. I ended up getting a burn the first day and was miserable the rest of our trip. Every time since then I start about 6 weeks before we leave and use the tanning bed. Haven't burned once since then and have a wonderful time. I think laying down a base before going is the way to do it. So good luck with the green flag and work on that base tan!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Thanks for the laugh!!!!

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    I am convinced the base tan is a smart investment as I wouldn't want anyone to use me as a flashlight....

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    Definatly a good thing for the base tan. Get some sun now and help save from a bad burn on vaca. Of course always the risk of skin cancer and etc. anytime you tan, however...we leave this weekend and I've tanned for a couple weeks now as I am VERY pale and want to be sure I can enjoy myself in the sun.

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    The American Academy of Dermatology and most physicians argue that a base tan does not protect a person from sunburn. In reality, a base tan may reduce the appearance of sunburn, but it is the UVA and UVB radiation exposure that damages the skin, regardless of whether the end result is red or brown skin. Additionally, many people mistakenly believe that getting a base tan negates their need for protective sunscreen during full sun exposure and thus neglect their skin.

    While the risk factors and rates of melanoma development as a result of sun exposure are still being studied, health professionals agree that a base tan is not a safe alternative to protective sunscreen and may give people a false sense of security.

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    I always pre tan for all the reasons listed and since my hubby burned his belly on day one 3 years ago (because he didn't listen to me - oh, i'm italian and greek, i don't burn..blah, blah) he does now too! (AND still use 30 - 15 spf when we get there )

    As for the flag service - they are red at CN. I can see where confusion could ensue!!!!!

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    I don't base tan, I don't burn, and I have fairly light skin. Sunscreen works really well for me. I slather it on and reapply often. I don't get very tanned either but that is fine with me. I prefer to avoid sun damage.

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    We both fake bake prior to and use sunscreen while there. Even with pre-tan and sunscreen - carribean sun is very powerful.

    We like to pretan not only because it tends to help reduce the lobster look, I like having a tan when I go.

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    Base tan or not, only you know your skin type. That being said, do take and use sunscreen. We take different levels for different times of days and different parts of the body--ie, stronger on the tops of shoulders and feet. Don't forget a hat and chapstick with spf in it.

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    My dermatologist has told me "base tans" do not protect you from sun burning. However, they do make you look and feel (IMO) better than hitting the beach with winter skin. You must still use sunscreen......I load up with a 50 SPF and have never burned. Have fun!

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    The debate rages on LOL I always base tan before going on vacation. I worked for a dermatologist for 6 years and will pass on his advice on sunscreen. I have seen other posts here about using sunscreen to protect against damaging uvb/uba rays. While sunscreens protect your skin from these rays, they aren't the only ones that damage skin. So use your sunscreen but remember it's not a perfect solution. If you want to tan, then do it. If you want to protect your skin, cover up. Me? I say, you only live once and soak up the sun. LOL Have fun! 120 days left for us!

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    I must admit that I am one of the many sinners who tan before leaving for Jamaica in December. Since Nebraska weather does not allow me to sun outside in October and November, I use the tanning beds even though I know they are not safe for me skin. That being said, my pasty white skin does not burn with my base tan and applying sunscreen all the time. As they say - Tan fat looks better than white fat!!

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    We always pre tan before going!!

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