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    Default First Time CSA- Honeymooners - 2 Weeks - Advice??

    We are going to CSA in 2 weeks for our honeymoon, leaving the day after our wedding! We have never been to an all-inclusive resort and are really excited as we have heard that CSA is one of the best. We are staying in the Beachfront Verandah Suite. If anyone can give us any details as in what we should do, excursions to go on, drinks to try, things to pack, advice in general, etc. we would really appreciate it! We are so excited!!

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    You're going to spending a lot of time here over the next two weeks... not a bad way to pass the time... Try breaking your questions/posts down to specifics... but please, feel free to ask anything!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Don't overpack. Trust me. You won't need a lot of clothes. Just a bathing suit and stuff for dinner. Check the activity schedule when you arrive and plan out the things you wanna do. If you are unsure, take the orientation tour and ask questions. Do the catamaran. Do it again. Snorkel. Get naps on the beach and don't miss te evening activities. Walk the beach and meet the locals. They are all very friendly and don't get offended if you tell them no politely. Book all your reservations the first day so you don't have to worry about it later. Meet others at the swim up bar. Don't stress about anything.

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    Did someone mention Honeymoon? DOnt think you need people to tell you what you should do. JK Specifics help, but thoughts on CSA enjoy the beach martini bar is cool even if you dont like martini's. Swim up bar is hot (happnin) in the afternoon. Aura lounge at night. Book at Cat cruise, make sure you get your dinner reservations other than that let the island speak to you and ever lil ting gonna be alright:0

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    you'll have a lot of fun. packing is pretty much the same as going anywhere tropical, some of the restaurants require dress code so make sure and pack for them. don't worry about what drinks to try just tell the bartender what you like for booze and he'll take care of you, there all real good about getting you to try different drinks and having fun. the resort offers alot of activities that you can sign up for, what we figured out was that if your interested in doing something they offer get down right away in the morning and sign up, they fill quickly and they told us that if you sign up for something then deciede to not go it's no big deal. we did the snorkeling,great! catamaran cruise,also great but we wish we would have did it more than once. water skiing in the ocean, fun but wait for a calm day. the only off site excursion we did was going to Ricks Cafe, a must. hope you enjoy yourself, we have to wait until November before we go back.

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    Don't plan too much. Go on the resort orientation. Try a hummingbird drink. Make sure to go to the Martini Bar. Try can be really romantic and cool. Take a night time stroll. Lay on the beach and raise your flag for a drink. Walk off the resort down the beach, either way, and get the local flavor feel. Enjoy! CSA ROCKS.

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    Definitely book the catamaran cruise! Float in the ocean, walk hand in hand, marvel that you are, in fact, in paradise. Do as much as you want or as little you want. Try foods you've never tasted - you'll probably find a new favorite. :-) Congrats and have a WONDERFUL time!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ancampb2 View Post
    We are going to CSA in 2 weeks for our honeymoon, leaving the day after our wedding! We have never been to an all-inclusive resort and are really excited as we have heard that CSA is one of the best. We are staying in the Beachfront Verandah Suite. If anyone can give us any details as in what we should do, excursions to go on, drinks to try, things to pack, advice in general, etc. we would really appreciate it! We are so excited!!
    My advice would be to :slow down, be in the moment , to drink a few hummingbirds or dirty bananas, snorkel at least twice because you will always see something new, lay in a hammock for an hour or two and even take a nap, and float on your floaty for hours with plenty of sunscreen slathered on. I would also advise you to pack three bathing suits and coverups and a few nice dresses for Feathers and to visit Ultimate Chocolate at the Piano Bar for a fun night filled with music and singing. Make sure your new husband has closed toed shoes for Feathers and dress slacks or Khakis, long. Bring your patience and your sense of humor and try not to expect this place to be a Ritz Carlton, it isn't. It is more a Jamaican Carlton and it is laid back and extremely relaxing. If you encounter anyone who is frantic or loud, move away from them as soon as possible and avoid them for the rest of the trip- this certainly includes complainers and comparers (things were better in Dubai, St. Croix, Hawaii, etc.)
    Meet other couples even though it is your honeymoon. You don't have to spend long with them but we still remember some wonderful people from CSS and CSA from all over the world. We met some wonderful Japanese, Irish, British,Brazilain,Portuguese, S. Koreans,Spanish, Peruvians, and Texans. lol Meeting them made us want to see the world which we have been working on.
    Most importantly, you will love the Jamaican staff and people. Treat them with a smile and respect for what they do and you will be awarded by their good humor and hard work.
    Happy Honeymooning!

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    RELAX and you will have a good time!!! I'm sure you will be exhausted from all the wedding planning and the wedding day, so my best advice is to "just let it happen" and don't over plan the honeymoon!!!! You will love CSA!!! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!

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    ancampb2, please check out my "hopefully to be posted real soon" review of CSA. It's long and detailed. I think it's titled "CSA REVIEW (LONG) April 2010". Should be up soon. I think it will answer almost any question you might have.

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    You picked the best AI Resort chain there is. Congrats! And Congrats on your Nuptials.

    My favorite thing about CSA is that it is located on 7 Mile Beach. We really enjoy wandering the beach and exploring all the little restaurants and crafts markets along the shore. So be sure and reserve a morning/afternoon to wander the beach.

    Grab a bottle of champagne and head down to the shoreline at sunset and toast to your new life together. We also enjoy getting a bottle of champagne to take to our room at night and drink while we get ready for the evening.

    In packing, remember that you are going to be in your swimwear all day long. So there is no need to pack daytime outfits unless you plan on going off property. Also remember to pack a change of clothes, swimsuits, and a pen in your carry on. You will need the pen to fill out the immigration paperwork on the plane and then the clothes are just in case your suitcase gets lost.

    Prepare to have a fabulous time.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    OK - My 2 cents....What Summervillecutie and Coloradojuli said is spot on....


    Make SURE to STAY HYDRATED during the night and day - be sure to alternate 1 alcoholic beverate to 1 water....No kidding - take advantage of all the food and drink, but don't overdo or you'll miss your vacay.....OK - now that Priscilla Prohibition is done talking....

    When you get off the bus, breathe in and smell the unique combination of flora, sand, ocean and JAMAICA!! This lovely scent is even more evident when you leave your room for dinner. Breathe in and enjoy the's better than any room air freshener, and is embedded in my olfactory brain!!!

    Meet Elvis. He is not a Couples employee, but can be found on the beach at any time during the day. He will hook you up with parasailing (a MUST) or jet skiing and is one of the funniest, nicest characters you'll meet. You can't miss him - he'll be wearing a Shut Up And Fly or Elvis Lives t-shirt with his phone welded to his ear and a giant smile on his face. WE LOVE ELVIS!!

    Try to wake up at sunrise at least once. It is really worth it to watch the moon set and watch the resort wake up - it is so very still and peaceful (and you can always go back to bed or fall asleep on the beach).

    Make sure to cross the street and enjoy the sports complex and spa. As a honeymooner I believe you're entitled to a 1/2 hour couples massage (just bring documentation of your wedding). DO IT!!! and make time to spend some time in the Buddha Pool - it is just fabulous and so peaceful AND decadent....Then have a smoothie or flavored water at the Sports Bar. If you choose to work out, you may want to do so EARLY in the AM, as the machines are in the open air and it can get HOT!

    Get used to being called M'Lady!

    Don't overplan - just let the spirit move you wherever it moves you....

    Dont' forget the SUNSCREEN and LIP BALM....



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    We'll be honeymooning around the same time! Maybe we'll see you there!

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