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    Default menus for restaraunts at CTI

    Does anyone know if we can get menus for the restaraunts at CTI? We would like to know which restaraunts we want to eat at so we can make reservations upon check-in before they fill up. Thanks!

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    the menus are under the restaurant section when you click on the CTI tab

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    they change at least twice a week, so any menus you see may be for guidance only.....

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    I thought these were just sample menu's, its my understanding that the menu's change once a week.

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    The menus are posted right ourtide the restaurants each day for that evening. You really don't need to worry about getting in - it's not like other resorts in that way.

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    You will have to wait until you arrive to make reservations. There are only 2 restaurants that you make reservations for 8 Rivers which is stuff like salmon, steak, fish and the Asian Fusion restaurant whose name currently escapes me.
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    Also, you will be able to eat at every place you want. We have never incurred a problem getting a spot....whether it was just the ttwo of us or a group of three to five couples. After you get checked in and settled in your room, go down to the bar, grab a drink, take a leisurely stroll back to the front desk, sit down with a smile on your face, and let the wonderful ladies there work everything out for you. It really is that simple....relax, and enjoy!!!!! Everything will be irie mon!!
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