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    Default Ways to pass the time on couples Eve....Eve

    Okay, we leave for our first trip to csa on Sunday. It is 4am on friday and I can not sleep, to excited I guess. How do you pass the time?

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    by staying super busy!
    and packing like a madwoman!
    and daydreaming!

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    I start packing! LOL

    Ok I lied. I start washing the laundry I will need so I can start packing the next day. Nothing like procrastinating to make the time fly by!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bilkat View Post
    LOL. That's what my DH always says he wants to do when people ask if we want more kids. Nope, he says. We just want to practice.

    Seriously, though, we do laundry, start laying out stuff, drink a red stripe or two, (or six) and start fantasizing about Jamaica.

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