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    We had a nice stay at CSA. The beach is absolutely amazing and seems to go on forever. My wife and I took a long walk down the beach and enjoyed all of the Jamaican culture. The rooms were okay...we stayed in a BFVS on the second floor and the view was awesome!!! A few complaints are that there should be a few snacks in the room for in between meals (for the drunchies). Also, they could put just about any other beer in the world in the rooms except for CARIB!!! It is awful and many times when we just wanted to relax on our verandas for a while, we had to go down to the bar and get Red Stripe one at a time. The service was decent and the food was great at Patois and Feathers. The Palms and Lemongrass need some improvement in our opinion. My wife has stayed at other places in Negril and the food here was much better. I guess my wife and I are picky because we have two chefs in the family and we know what good food is. All in all, we would go again just for the beach itself! One suggestion is to maybe make the nighttime activities more appealing to a crowd in their late 20's and 30's (we saw many people in this age category). I am not suggesting techno club music but maybe a reggae music night at the aura lounge (live or DJ)? We were not into hearing Jamaicans sing old fashioned American songs like you would hear on a cruise ship. We love the Jamaican culture and the native music of the island so when we are there, that is what we would prefer to hear (sometimes at home too). The overall atmosphere is romantic and we will return someday. Shout out to Nicolas and Oral from the swim up bar!!! Thanks guys!!!

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    Glad you enjoyed your visit to CSA! I do agree with you though about the Jamaican reggae music vs the american music! Kinda like when in Jamaica, be Jamaica!!!! How 'bout it Couples can we muster up some of that good 'ol Jamican Reggae music for a hot night in the Palms!!!!

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    Only Carib in your mini bar??...a quiet word to your mini bar man brings you a supply of Red Stripe....

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    Kirky, glad you had fun. Does the Aura Lounge play dance music? I know the live entertainment at the Palms changed nightly. We are going for our 2nd time this fall and the beach is the best. Thanks for the feedback.

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    we totally agree with you about Carib. blah

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    Is Carib only @ CSA? We will be staying @ CTI. Do they have the same beer or is the beer in their minibar different?

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