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    Default Today I woke up in Texas...

    I woke up with a yawn and a stretch. My eyes scan the room. I have no gauzy green curtains stirring in the breeze from the fan. My view of the blue sea has become one of a front yard in desperate need of a mow. Our suitcases stare at me from the corner. Time to do laundry. Anticipation for Couples trips is so exciting! The experience at Swept Away is always just beyond belief!! It IS good to be home....but...

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    Well said Lew. We were home from CN exactly one week and one day when we were forced to book our next Couples trip. It's the only cure!

    Waking up in Texas also... for now...

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    We know the feeling...the only difference is we get home right around the holidays and that tends to make it a little better...come January though we are always ready to re book and start the countdown at 141 days..

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    Glad you are back safe and sound. You guys need to meet us for a drink when we fly thru Houston on August 20th. We get in late like 9:30 pm and fly out early the next morning....San Souci here we come...

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    Woke up this myself a rum

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    Crabby!!!!! That may be the shortest reply ever!!! Luv y'all!!

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    I had the best time in Negril at CSA!! It was such a pleasure to meet you and your husband. I'm unfortunately having a rough time readjusting to real life. I just wasn't ready to leave.
    I'm refusing to believe I'm not on an island anymore.
    Unfortunately if I don't get back to work, I can't return to CSA.
    Any idea when the two of you will go back?

    Stacey and Pat
    Jax, FL

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