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    Default Post CSA depression prescription

    I have just returned to real life after 5 days in paradise.
    CSA was well above and beyond my expectations in any of my wildest dreams.
    So what now? What can get me off the couch? How soon can I go back? What will I do without CSA?
    Are there any veterans with solutions???

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    Default Post CSAD

    That is definitely the worst part about the trip--coming back and wishing you had not left. We feel your pain!

    Try looking at pictures and remembering it with your partner. Write down all the details while they're fresh in your may forget the name of that great bartender, or your wonderful maid.

    But yes, the only true cure is going back.

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    Sigh... I feel your 'pain' mon. My only advice? Start planning for the next trip!

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    Default Save and Rebook ASAP

    The only solution for us is to save and book another trip.

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    Default The Doctor Prescribes Planning/Booking Another Trip

    We know that feeling well and the only way to overcome for us is to book/plan our next trip to Couples. Honestly, we usually book within a month of coming back from CN. It is hard as being there is such a surreal experience. As I often say, at least we know the pain - if we didn't we had never gone and wouldn't know the bliss of Couples. Hope time eases the heartache.

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    Plan your next trip, it's the only thing that ever works for me.

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    Elvis called us from Negril last week, and for a moment I felt like I was right back on the beach. Big ups to Elvis !

    btw - He says everyone needs a good jet ski ride.


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    No cure just a remedy for the pain:

    Plan your next trip

    Listen to Bob Marley

    Drink Rum

    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    I'm finding that large doses of rum DOES help...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Thanks for your responses

    After nearly one week of extreme depression I've started to get going again. In order to return to CSA. I had to go back to work.

    So far I have stuffed my face with high calorie carbohydrates, and consumed one beer daily and/or a glass of banana cream rum liquor.

    I've only made it through 10 minutes of yoga.

    starting today I'll get back on the horse, and start planning a new trip.



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