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    Default CN - Kitchen Tour and Tree Frog Hunt?

    We are excited to be returning to CN in just over a week! Can someone tell me when the kitchen tour and the tree frog hunt take place? We have seen both of these mentioned on the message board a few times and really want to do both, but they aren't listed on the CN Activities Schedule posted here. Thanks!

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    From the weekly schedule given to us 2 weeks ago at CN:

    Wed. 7:30pm Frog Hunt - meet in Games Room
    Fri. 7:30pm Frog Hunt - meet at the Games Room

    Tue. 11:00am Kitchen tour...Meet @ the Cassava Terrace Bar

    EDIT - here's an update with the Mar 2010 activity list.
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    The kitchen tour is on Tuesdays at 11:00 AM. Meet at the bar at the entrance to the Cassava Terrace.

    The tree frog hunt is on Wednesdays at 7:30 PM. Meet in fron of the game room.

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    The kitchen tour is offered on Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. Guests wishing to take the tour meet in the Cassava Terrace (the main dining room)

    The frog hunt takes place on Friday at 7:30 p.m. Guests in search of these favorite little noisemakers meet in the games room.

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    Frog hunt is also Fri 7:30pm - in addition to Wed.

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    We did the kitchen tour in during our visit in Feb 2009 and really enjoyed it. We shared some thoughts as did others on this topic on the thread linked below:

    Can't help with any information about the tree frog hunt, but I bet you would have to catch a lot to make a full meal

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    I don't remember what days they are, but when you arrive they will give you a print out at check-in that shows all of the week's activities.
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    The kitchen tour is on Tuesday. Can't say for the tree frog hunt.

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    I think I took the kitchen tour one morning about 10:00. You will see a sign posted at breakfast on the day with the time. It is very interesting.

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    What is the tree frog hunt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzann View Post
    What is the tree frog hunt?
    The tree frog hunt is when they give you flashlights (at night ) and take you around and show you the little itty bitty frogs that you'll hear chirping each night. The tour isn't very long and it all takes place right on the resort.

    Note: No frogs are actually hunted or injured on this tour.

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