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    Default TommyWommy! 1 day to go. You READY?

    With 24 hours to go will Couples Negril ever be the same?

    Will TommyWommy get his supply of Salty Dogs?

    Will TommyWommy convice RDY to drink one of those concoctions?

    What will happen when these two April Fools return to CN?


    The Couples experience never ends!
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    I have taken the liberty to place orders for both of you fine gentlemen. Continental breakfast will be delivered to your rooms daily.

    Have a great time, friends. Tommy, I'll see you on the 19th and/or 21st!

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; JRB 2015; CSS 2017

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    Dad...Yes 24 hours until Par Ta time.

    I do plan to try a Salty Dog or 8...Ruff Ruff
    I do expect you to have a Salty Dog with me..Ruff Ruff
    You and I..Just two old April Fools that will not give up the ship.

    Tommywommy and Rdyjmjm return to CN..Couples Negril...Where the world's very best resort beach Par Ta was held in April 2006.
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    You four have a great time. Wish we were joining you.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Tommywommy going back to CN !!!!! wow, i bet the breakfast staff are ready to deliver already.


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    Have an awesome return home folks! Will hope to maybe see some live posts? Razzl

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    No breakfast send pizza!!


    TW and I are bellied up to the swim up bar and we have vowed to keep it afloat by consuming as much rum as we can.

    Day 1 I think we are losing!


    We miss you girl. Get healthy and come on down.

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    Jim, you know if you consume all the rum Tommy is going to make you drink salty dogs with him. i'm just saying...


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    Day 2

    Yup the bar is feeling the effects of us being here. WAIT I think that's the other way around.

    Bob Marley down and now I'm being fed a Ducks Fart??? Need a Bob Marley to wash that down.

    Weather is FANTASTIC. Light breeze blowing in but NO rain. Few clouds threated to drop a few here an there but nothing at CN.

    Few 2006 April Fools are here and I thinks it's time to start talking up a 2011 REUNION!!!!

    Book that trip NOW before the rates go up!

    New computer room is NICE. No more stools that you have to chase as they attempt to move away from you as you sit on them. 6 computers and no one using them. The chair is comfy and it has sides that keep my butt in the seat. Time for more RUM.

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    Are the chairs no long the office type? You'll have to take a pic and post. Is the computer room still a meat locker? I couldn't believe how cold it always was in there.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Jim and Jean,
    Have the BEST time EVER!!
    Truly jealous

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    Day 3 the bar is getting the best of us and is winning the war. The seat at the computer stations are now moving and often hard to catch.


    Computer room is not as cold as it use to be but is comfortable. Seats are OK.

    I do not like the IPod staion in the rooms as now you can't play CD's

    Note to Randymon
    This is not a great feature as not all people have IPods.
    Food for thought.

    Beach Bar Grill is undergoing remodeling and should be done wednesday. New kitchen and floor. Looks good.

    Lychee is good considering it is now our first time to eat there.

    OK Jean is beating me up have to head to Repeaters Dinner.

    Day 4 Does TW get RDY to drink a salty dog?

    Rather drink 10 Bob Marleys!

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    We don't like the ipods either. We're old farts and don't own an ipod. Part of the reason I brought my laptop was so that we would have tunes.

    So Randymon ~ Any chance of bringing back the CD players? Us old timers are at least not asking for an 8 Track Player.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Old Tommywommy is having a great time at CN...Couples Negril.

    CN is better than before.


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    We heard a few others say the same think about the IPod station. It's tough when you buy a CD from the locals and you can't play it. It would be great if there was one that had all the features.

    Entertainment has stepped up a few notches as compared to days of the past. Been hearing a lot of good comments.

    Down day for us today. The rum and the wine has done its job and now it is time for a relaxing day in the shade. Jean and Peggy tired each other out dancing last night and TW and I got tired watching them. I'd say day # but I forgot how many days we have been here so I guess we are loving being home again.

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